While you were out

It's a turtleneck day

elegansThe temperature in some local areas dropped 30 degrees in 30 minutes last evening. My husband was setting out on a walk to the library with the pup as the weatherman was making this information known, and decided that he'd best swap the shorts for pants. Brrr.

blue_wedgwoodBefore it got too chilly, I spent a little time in the garden snapping a few pics and pulling some weeds. On the left is a Blue Wedgwood hosta; it doesn't get very big, but is a beautiful bluish-green. On the right is Elegans; that one does get big and is quite impressive. I used to think hostas were boring, boring, boring; green leaves, big deal. The variety of shape, color, texture and size has me enchanted these days, and I enjoy watching as they mature. I suppose my appreciation also stems from the fact that I have a need for shade tolerant plants!

K is off to orientation/registration at the UW school she's enrolled in for next fall. She is so anxious to get back to school! Last night, when I mentioned that M was doing homework, K said that she wished she had homework!! Instead, she's writing a novel. That kid has been writing stories since she learned to write. And she does the work! Most kids can't stand to do research or, heaven forbid, make an outline for anything unless it's required for a grade. Even back in sixth grade, K was researching locations, developing characters, working on plots, and making outlines for stories -- for FUN! It blew me away then, and it still does!

My knitting needles were moving kind of slowly last night. I'm over half-way through the first stretch of Pattern A on the front, but I kept putting it down every few rows. I feel a strain in my right hand -- my flippin' off finger, specifically -- and though I don't feel it while I'm knitting, I wonder if knitting has something to do with it. The Endless Summer Sonata is pretty fine. I knit the entire back of that sweater and never felt a thing, so I just don't know.

I know lots of folks are heading to a festival this weekend. Can't wait to hear all about it next week. Have fun!


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