Will she ever find a dress?
With a little bit of sun...


First, she has a dress. Second, I can't believe some of the incredibly hideous colors that prom dresses come in. Third, 5:00 on a Monday is definitely THE time to go to the mall.

The vintage-inspired dresses were my favorites, but Ali wanted long. It's been a while since I've looked at clothes, but I do know that vintage has been "in" -- I was surprised at how "IN" it is -- everywhere. And the "vintage" is anything -- there were shoes that reminded me of my grandmothers ('30s, '40s), but also some thongs that looked so '60s and platform sandals like I had in the '70s! The formal dresses reminded me of my mom and my aunts ('50s, '60s), and there was a little, pink, Chanel-styled jacket that looked just like Jackie's ('60s)... "Audrey" is going to be SO in style (so unlike me)!

Reading the Audrey knit-along blog and seeing the progress is fabulous. I'm chomping at the bit!

I finished off the second sleeve of the cardi in Cecil last night, and did about 4 inches on the second half of the front. I'm pretty happy with how it's turning out. If I can pull myself away from the knitting, I just might block those sleeves ahead of time so they're out of the way.

My eldest and the camera ought to be home on Friday or Saturday; I'm anxious to share.


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