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NewGalway1I would say that it was Thursday or Friday when the dial was officially turned from Spring to Summer. Wow, what a nice weekend we had! It's the perfect time to finish a wool-ish winter hat, make the grrs model it (see the new "Galway Hat" photo album), and start another in 100% wool, don't you think? I love this hat and I loved knitting it, and reading a chart is a piece of cake once you get the hang of it (about 120 rows!). For the new one, I have replaced the bobble and traveling cable rows with a big, braided cable from Aran Knitting, and I'll likely make some adjustments (increase the number of stitches picked up) to the crown. I'm using the Galway yarn that I bought at the LYS last week. I love how it's turning out!

NeedlePitcherWe've had our fits and starts this weekend. My original modification to add the cable design didn't work out. I put it aside on Friday night, made adjustments on Saturday morning, then frogged and started over. And K has cast on numerous times to make a narrow scarf with the wool that she bought last week. She wanted something a little lacy and tried three different patterns from three different sources before settling on one that 1) she likes (a lot) and 2) isn't too difficult. For a girl who's not done more than straight stitch and a bit of ribbing before, the second pattern she chose -- with a 12-row repeat, no less -- was just a tad over her head. She learned all about K2tog, SKP, and yo, and was able to "practice" those skills, so it wasn't a total loss. Third time's the charm. I'll post a pic and details soon.

IrisScampNapMTubHaving finally decided to do a little dusting over the weekend, I also decided that Knitting Central was looking pretty awful -- new acquisitions jumbled atop WIPs and items in need of frogging. I took inspiration from Knitty and plunked all my needles in this wonderful pitcher that was totally under-appreciated in the upstairs bathroom cabinet (even if the cabinet does have glass doors) and, in the process, gained a drawer in which to store yarn.

We're enjoying iris season -- this is a variety that we inherited with the property, and one of my favorites. A fernery without ferns needs... a cat! And M. I just don't know what to say about that kid.



The hat looks great, and so do your girls. Looks like a fun project.


The hats in your gallery look WONDERFUL! I might have to add some of those to my "to-knit" list!

Your girls are darling! We're a family with many redheads too! :)

Love the pitcher with the straight needles. I've recently started using Denise interchangeable needles for much of my knitting, so my straights are languishing very decoratively on my bedroom dresser in an old pottery vase (also Knitty inspired!)

And...the cat picture is hilarious! That basket could not be more perfectly "cat-shaped" or vice versa!


The hats look great. I love the new one. And your girls are so beautiful. Great pictures.

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