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Shawl_detailI have worn this Shape It! Scarf (pattern from Sally Melville's The Knit Stitch) almost constantly since it came off the needles.  The beautiful color combination can be worn with almost anything.

I visited this yarn in the Autumn House Farm booth quite a few times at Rhinebeck last fall before I finally purchased it, and then it didn't take long to knit it into something.  I wore the shawl in several different ways all winter, but the shaping just wasn't right for me.  I frogged the whole thing two weeks ago.

A few days later, while knitting out with the Tuesday girls, I finished the first Shape It! incarnation, which turned out way too long.  I wanted only to drape it over my shoulders and possibly tie a half-knot; I did not want to wrap it 'round and 'round my neck.  So I ripped it back again, but only to a certain point, put it back on the needles and made it shorter (also a bit wider) and now I love it!

I'm glad I persevered.  It was fun to play around with this yarn, working it a few times, to finally find what it's meant to be.

* * * * * *

I drove past the old hardware store on the way home last night to double-check the contact phone number.  There was a bus blocking my view and then my cell phone rang.  It was my baby sister, calling to chat about the weekend.  We started talking about our kids and then our houses, and how mine is feeling too big and very empty right now.  We talked about different things that could be done to the house and, by that time, I was home and standing in the driveway; at the moment, while there are no leaves on the trees and there's not a house being built across the street, I can see the old hardware store from my house.  I told my sister about this goofy fixation, this wild and crazy, beyond my wildest dreams idea about buying the old hardware store... and then I'd want to live there!

Well, she loved the idea, and we talked about what could be done there, what would I do with the space.  I talked about my ideas and she threw in her two cents and pretty soon there was a pretty darn good idea... if only I had two nickels to rub together.  But what the heck, you know?  I have to stop thinking that way.  People do crazy things all the time, and sometimes they work.

So I called the guy.  I knew his name and had a vague idea of the phone digits, so looked it up and called the number that seemed closest.  I admitted that it's all a bit fantastical and that I had to pick up the phone before reality roared in, but we chatted for quite a while.  The place has been shown more than a dozen times, with fewer than half showing continued interest; it needs a LOT of systems work, a LOT of updating and cosmetic work, a lot of work work work, and I'm taking a tour tomorrow afternoon.

I laughed when my sister said that no matter who buys it and what they do with it, it's always going to be "the old hardware store."  It's totally nuts to think that it could be my old hardware store, but... yeah... crazy stuff.

* * * * * *

Can't let this day pass without sayin'...

Happy Birthday, Margene!!!



When you buy it then you can officially name your store, The Old Hardware Store.


The Old Hardware store in downtown Excelsior is now the best restaurant in town. I think we showed it to you - the Irish place on the corner? All things are possible - they start with dreams.


I like the ring of Vicki's Old Hardware Store. I don't think I've ever had my name in marquee lights!!


This is going to sound corny - but there is a reason for the phrase "Dream Big".


i'm with carole and margene. whatever you end up doing with it (note that i didn't say "if") you should name it "the old hardware store"


I think it's wonderful to have even an inkling of such a dream. I can identify with such a one, with my own twists. Whereever it goes, have fun with it!


I would think the city would help you out with a grant or something for developing/remodeling a business building downtown, don't you think so?


Good luck with the idea. I guess you have to do a lot of thinking and planning to see if you can do something with it. I think it sounds really interesting. Talk to the bank. What would it take for them to view you favorably?


Keep dreaming big!! Have fun with it and always follow your gut, you never know where it may lead you!!

Andrea (noricum)

How exciting! Even if it doesn't come to pass, it sure will be fun to dream for a while. :)

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