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Looking for a good home

I need a new home page.  I am weary of economic news, political news, knee-jerk news, sensational news, celebrity and fashion and shopping "news."  Sick of it all.  Not that I want to ignore the news, but I know where to find it when I want it.  Looking for recommendations for a new home page!  What's yours?

I cast on for that new baby sweater!  I'm making the largest size (18m) with Addison sort of in mind, but it's still very pink even with all that blue yarn.  We'll see if real men let their sons wear "sherbet" sweaters.

Maddy's back to work and lovin' it!  She loves everyone she works with, too.  That's a big plus.  Her last gig was pretty solitary; it's nice to have coworkers.

Maddylomo Plumlomo

We're complete dorks and saved the receipt that says, "Served By Maddy."  It was the last night of by-invitation-only dress rehearsal; the doors are flung open to all as of this morning.  It was very nice and very new, and also very old.  Originally built in 1881, the building has been renovated with lots of care; for example, the bricks removed entirely from the building at one point were all reused, and other salvaged materials were also used.  I'm anxious for it to find and develop its character and personality.  And it will.  It took quite a bit of love and patience and heartbreak to get this far -- some even say it's a miracle.



I use the library website as my home page. No news and information there, LOL.


At this time of year, how about the rochester falcon cam? What's not to love about looking at pictures of falcon eggs and eventually baby falcons?

Sue H

I use the click for breast cancer page:

That way I always click first thing when I log in.


I use iGoogle. You can build the page with items you like. I have a calendar, clock, a game!, link to my email and google reader. It's fab!
How fun to be the first served by your daughter. It surely was a memorable night for you all.


I have Bloglines as my home page. Then I can go straight to my favorite reads!


I'm with Margene on IGoogle (great minds, lol). You can customize it anyway you want. I have bloglines and google reader on there. Gchat. Soap Opera updates, weather, gmail and a million other things. With some news tossed in at the bottom;)

I'm glad Maddy's enjoying the new job!

Beth S.

Ravelry's not a bad choice for a home page... if you're going to go there anyway, why not go there first? :-)

Annie Driscoll

I use Ravelry. But I'm liking that idea of Bloglines....


I use a company web portal these days - but used to have the Good News Network as my homepage - and have toyed with using the Yoga Journal too.


It's Google at home and the company home page at work. I am not a fan of the news at all, but I like to have it at my fingertips if necessary. We subscribe to the local newspaper, and then I Google whenever I need more information about something.


plain old google at home and work. (well, except in IE at work, which I only use for accessing the bank's site, so that's it's home page)


I use iGoogle too. I have chosen a theme that shows the time of day changing (sunshine in the morning, moon at night) and I have a calendar with my appointments on it, I have BBC news headlines and NY Times headlines (and if anything catches my interest, I can click and read more - if not, then not). There are lots of personalized gadgets you can add, so I have a currency converter (good to know what the pound sterling is doing in planning those Starmore purchases!), the Shakespearean insult of the day, a to-do list, and bookmarks to my blog reader (also Google), and other frequently visited sites. I love it, and if I'm using a computer at school, I can access all of that information remotely. Very cool.

Sarah R

I use Readerville for my home-page.

I belong to the Forum and hang out there most of the day, but the front page usually has some sort of interesting book-related article...and nice art.


Did you ever consider a blank page? yes, it is an option and it is mine! this way you get the browser open and ready to go to where ever you want and it doesn't distract your attention from what you went online for,,, and as you said: I know where to find the news and anything else I want online,,, :)


Definitely google! All the news is on a separate page, should I wish to read it. There are handy, fun, helpful, and weirs widgets to choose from for whatever mood you're in, plus gmail, google reader, bookmarks, and a calendar. Until recently I had ladybugs crawling randomly...


I just use a blank one. I've grwon weary of all the news...Maddy looks great! Here's wishing her much success!


My home page is rather blank... google. Like a door to the world, hmmm...what question do I have today?? At work it's the state website, mostly because I need to go from there to various places, but REALLY because I want to see the 'citizen alert in effect' button go red and hope that we'll get sent home because of snow or something. though not so much now that it's the end of March... I'm about done with snowstorms!


Plain old Google for me, too. Pretty much blank. Sometimes I miss the old AOL days -- I liked their look. I think I was in the minority for that. :)


A bit newsy but interesting because it changes daily.


I use as my home page.


My home page is Gmail.


I use, clean, and half the time I'm doing a google search for things anyway, so it's handy being able to click the "Home" button and be there without having to make an effort to get to the page.

I like iGoogle, too, but like the simple search page better, as "home."


Funny how I was just thinking the same thing this week. I'm so sick of celeb news, political garbage news and all of the other news. Just might have to give iGoogle a try as the home page.


I know I'm late in replying here, but why not make your own ala Pageflakes?

You put whatever you want on it. And I mean - anything! Here's a cool example of one:
(that's Dublin Ireland, btw)


I can Maddy's resemblance to Katie in that photo. You have such cute daughters; maybe we should introduce them to my sons ;-0

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