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WIP Wednesday

No Smoking!


There's been none of that around here for three years.  Today.  That's just crazy.


Meanwhile, it amuses me to no end that the window shown above was positioned directly over this OPEN door.

The Hardware Store on Flickr.

In other news:  Knitting out tonight.  I'll have a Clapotis progress photo tomorrow!  (Me likey.)



3 years! That's fabulous, Vicki!


3 years! That's fabulous, Vicki!


Boy, the molding around that transom window looks just like the molding in my house!

Congratulations on your quittiversary. It is SO hard to quit; so that's quite an achievement. I was married to a smoker for over a decade (we were together for years prior also). I'm still married to the same wonderful man, but he quit smoking a little before you did, and I can't tell you how happy that made me. Not only does he smell so much better, but I'm not always waiting for the other shoe to drop -- the heart attack, the cough that won't go away. And he feels so much better now. But living with a smoker who knew all the reasons to quit really showed me how addictive nicotine is and how hard it is to quit.

So I applaud you! Yay!

Teresa C

I really want you to do something with that old building. Please. I really will love watching it happen.


Congratulations on your anniversary! Having lost a grandfather and a much loved great-uncle to smoking related illnesses, I can't extend enough congrats your way.

That hardware store is getting under my skin. It needs a fresh paint of some robin's egg blue.

gale (she shoots sheep shots)

congratulations o the non smoking acheivement! That's huge. I think I'm infatuated with that hardware store too.


Ohhhh... It's beautiful.


That is a very cool window. BTW, I love your dream of owning the hardwars store. My husband's family owned one that reminds me alot of yours. It was in their family for generations, and it was a sad day indeed when it was sold. I hope your dream comes true.


Congrats on three healthy years! And then some! Isn't Clappy fun? They're addictive and that's good.


Hurrah for you! Three years went by fast, no? We are all so proud of you!


Love the old store. It has such character.

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