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It may not really feel like spring yet around here -- there's still plenty of snow around -- but the calendar says it's spring and, dammit, we're doing spring things!  I have spotted motorcycles, scooters and sportscars on the road, people out raking their yards (the ones with the southern exposure), and lawnmowers beginning to emerge from garages and sheds.  Mind you, the lawnmowers aren't actually needed at present -- the grass isn't even green, much less growing -- but it's time to prepare and be ready.

Maybe a brigade of lawnmowers at attention would scare away the forecasted snow!



wah! John is talking about raking today. ugh.


I think the lengthening days are making us all feel "springy." Happy weekend!


Oh John Deere!


I'm longing for springtime, too. However, ours is not due to come until mid-May :-(


Winter has certainly felt like it was moving at a slow pace towards spring... it is raining here today. Hope you saw some flowers peeking out this weekend.


Pretty funny! I used to have this 'theory' that the fashion industry controlled the weather... they'd get us all ready to wear fewer layers and expose more skin and we'd heat up the atmosphere, thus bringing the warmer weather.


abc along question... I have been very bad about putting photos into the group set, but I will. I just saw your note about tagging them with the letter. I tried to add a tag (a is for amerorchis), but I only see on the right side of the page "is (+)", "for(+)", and "amerorchis (+)". Can you tell me how to tag a photo? I name them before I upload them into flickr, but they don't maintain the names. Thanks for the comments on mom's pics... she's hanging around with Bill again and is pretty thrilled. That prom dress was ice blue!

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