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G is for garter stitch and generosity.

Garter stitch is the first "stitch pattern" any knitter learns.  Knit, knit, knit, knit, knit...  I think it's perfectly suited to children's items, and I especially like it for kids when combined with colorful, funky yarn.

Garter1_2It's no big secret that I've been at sixes and sevens with the knitting lately -- dishcloth knitting being the big clue here.  I'm sure it's cyclical and temporary, but I'm feeling quite overwhelmed with life in general and, while the knitting is usually a good antidote to stress, the choosing of a pattern to knit, finding the right yarn, knitting swatches, doing math, ripping, reknitting, refiguring... these are not antidotes to anything at all!

Then I read Rete's post late last week and thought about all those kids in Texas -- and everywhere -- and about her wish for blankets for "The Rainbow Room."  One of my planned stops on Saturday, then, was my most local LYS, Iris Fine Yarns in Appleton, to see if I could find a nice, suitable, washable, sale yarn that I could use to knit a blanket.  The generosity of Phyllis and her staff at Iris provided me with a rainbow of yarn to knit at least one blanket -- maybe two -- and with all these colors, the first can only be a log cabin design!

On Flickr here and here.



That is going to be the most darling kids blanket of all!


I love that yarn, it will makee a great kiddy blankie.


great G post - and lovely blanket in progress :-)


It is a good G post. And it makes me feel better about being behind on my ABC posts, too.


What a beautiful picture of your garterstitch knitting. In dutch we call this stitch: recht breien (straight knitting).
The generosity thing is very nice also. I hope there will be made a lot of blankets.


That blanket is going to be so cheerful and lovely!


That will be a wonderful blanket.

gale (she shoots sheep shots)

What you're knitting and why) would be really wonderful anyway but those yarns in a log cabin- SO GREAT!!


That blanket will cheer up any child!


What a great blanket! Looks like love :) Hope things calm down.


Had to come out of lurking to say the blanket is going to be wonderful. What great colors! I don't live in your area but have driven through there on several occassions and love Iris Fine Yarns in Appleton! What a great LYS and a faublous staff!

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