What to wear, or what not to wear?


As suspected, there is some hearing loss in the higher frequency ranges, particularly in my right ear.  This is not a surprise to me.  I used to crawl in with Maddy for a nap and, with how our bedroom was arranged at the time, I could pick between being able to keep an eye on things through the door but not hear so well on one side, or hearing better but not seeing a darn thing on the other.  I had things stuck in my ears and up my nose and, well, let's just say I've never had those passages so thoroughly examined before.  I never knew that I had a deviated septum, or that my ear canals are rather small.

Bottom line: there is fluid in both ears which could be contributing to the tinnitus.  I could also just be suffering from tinnitus.  We'll see.  I've a prescription to try, to take care of the fluid in the ears, and a follow-up appointment in three weeks.

Nice doc.  Too bad my next visit with him will be on his last day; he's moving to NC and to start a private practice.  I predict he'll do fine.

Ahem.  I did not mean to be so dramatic or mysterious about quitting the thing I quit the other night.  Good grief.  It was a club that I've belonged to for years... but didn't want to belong to anymore.  Haven't wanted to for quite some time.  That is all.  I'm not quitting The Quit, or the blog, or my job!


Look what arrived on my porch today!  I could not have received my Sweet Treats Special Swap package on a better day.  Sheri from The Loopy Ewe sent this package of goodies, and in a bit of a switch-up this time around, she will not be the recipient of mine!  Nearly everything has to do with chocolate, because that's my first choice for treats!  All my favorites and I don't have to share -- little bags of Butterfinger, Mounds, Milky Way, and BIG CUP Reese's Peanut Butter Cups!  I didn't even know there was such a thing as BIG CUPS!!  There's some fun stuff for the bath, a book all about chocolate with some delectable recipes, a memo pad, and some stitch markers.  The stitch markers will come in handy when I knit the Ethereal Fichu, a pattern by Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer, that was sent with a hank of merino laceweight from The Plucky Knitter in a color called Cherries Jubilee.  Jubilee, indeed!  With chocolate on top.  It's wonderful, delectable stuff... and by all recent indications, I think I should be knitting lace!  Thank you, Sheri.  And, as always, thank you to our Swap Mama Lynne.



Best of luck with the ear stuff and may the medication do the trick. I empatize. I had a bad ear infection in my left ear when I was 3 and still have problems with it.

The Fichu should look lovely in that yarn. Looks like a fun swap.

And congratulations on letting go of whatever it was.


It feels good to give up the obligations that are no longer fun. There is one more club I need to give up, too. The gift package is so nice! Lucky you!

kathy b

Great swap! This is a fun theme and a fun way to do the swap. I am hoping to send mine off beginning of May. We have till June 1 right?


Did you get your ears vacuumed? I hate that... it's right up there with getting your nose scoped. Unfortunately, after having brain surgery through your sinuses, getting your nose scoped is all too common an occurrence.

I hope the meds work, fluid in your ears can definitely contribute to tinnitus!


Good luck with the ear thing, I had a deviated septum too and they fixed it with surgery, OUCH!!!
That is one good looking parcel, chocolate and yummy yarn, my favourite ;0)


hoping everything will be fine with the medication!!
Your swap gift was totally awesome, love how perfectly themed it was, and I didn't know about Big CUps either. I love peanut butter cups, or peanutbutter cookies but would never eat peanut butter itself__ like I love Coffee icecream but don't drink coffee. You can say Wierdo!!!! I know, I know.........


I hope the medication does the trick and you're back to silence when there should be silence again!
Love that special swap package.


That Ann, she's always trying to start trouble!


Whew! For aminute when I looked at the photo I thought it was chocolate you were quitting and then I thought, don't be silly, nobody in their right mind quits chocolate!
Love the colourway of that yarn.
Hoping for the best with the meds, Vicki.


Great swap package...mmmm, chocolatey! Thinking about you, Vicki, and hoping you will be feeling yourself again very soon.


Hope you get a handle on this ringing thing. It would be nice if it went away! Hey! What's that over there?!


Saweeeet! I love that Cherries Jubilee colorway. Lucky you!

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