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What to wear, or what not to wear?

Dsc01526At this time of year, and at my time of life, THAT is the question!  I paid the price yesterday, having ignored the weatherman's hint about the cold and leaving my jacket at home.  It was windy and cold and thank goodness I didn't really have to be outside much.  This morning, when my alarm went off, I heard the tail end of the weather and a forecast for 4-8 inches of snow!  I didn't really hear where or when, but I was not going to get caught again!  Determined to keep the chill off, I put on a turtleneck and Williamsro -- probably the warmest sweater I own (with St. Brigid a very close second) -- AND put on my jacket.  I gathered all my stuff, kissed DH goodbye, and was breaking a sweat -- peeling off my jacket -- by the time I got to the car!  It wasn't cold outside at all!!  I took off my jacket and threw it in the car (lesson learned: it's best to be prepared) and, even though I was a wee bit tardy already, dashed upstairs and put on a v-neck and a much lighter zip-up hoodie -- and grabbed my Hundertwasser Argosy Scarf (again: prepared).

I finally sucked it up yesterday and quit something that I've been thinking about quitting and putting off and almost agonizing over for months -- maybe close to a year.  Worry about disappointing people was my main reason for holding on so long.  Ultimately, I was disappointing MYSELF by continuing to do something that I didn't enjoy anymore.  Maybe the ringing in my ears really IS ringing my bell!  If the ringing is something I can't do anything about, something that I'm going to have to live with, FINE.  It sucks, but fine.  There are plenty of OTHER things in my life that suck, that I CAN do something about, so (as they say):  Just do it.

I did.

And thank you for the terrific comments, support, advice, and links in regard to tinnitus!  I'm glad I made the appointment, and I'm looking forward to tomorrow.



Learning to say no is very hard, but it is usually very good for us. Way to go!


Snow? I'm glad I'm in California right now. I love spring but the variable weather is certainly a wardrobe challenge. I hope the dr has a good treatment for you. Good luck with your "Just Do It" decision.


I always find spring is Rush The Wardrobe Season. We are in such a hurry for warm weather that we forget how bitter those spring winds can be. I do it myself every year.
But boy, that sun feels good, doesn't it?


I think learning to let something that is not satisfying for us go is one of the hardest things any of us have to learn. When something becomes just another form of clutter in your life instead of giving something back to you, it's time. Good for you for your wisdom and strength in moving on!

Mary in Boston

Good for you, Vicki. I think it's a great gift to yourself to be able to let go of something you're not enjoying but feel duty-bound to continue for some reason.

I stayed at one job far too long because I didn't want to seem like I was giving up, when the smarter thing to do would have been to find a better one.

Love that scarf. LOVE IT!


You had me there for a minute...I thought you were going to quit blogging! I was going to miss you terribly.

And, oh yeah, I have always had tinnitus and think the world would be awfully silent without it. I wouldn't turn down a cure, but I don't notice it or think about it very often.


I haven't checked in with you for awhile but I'm glad I finally did--I've had tinnitus in one ear for about a year now and I work at an audiologists office and he tells me how common it is and that it could be caused by lots of things or nothing at all. I've had him test my hearing (perfectly fine...) and still it persists. sometimes when its bad I'll fall asleep with one earphone of my ipod in my ear and a book playing and I can usually fall asleep within 10 minutes. I feel your pain! Did you know tinnitus is usually accompanied by anxiety about it? There is a really good NY Times article about it that came out last week.



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