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Fair fare


Fair2  Fair3


Maybe I was hungry.  I took a lot of pictures of produce.

Haven't been to a county fair in ages, but went on Sunday -- to a neighboring county's fair (we're practically at the junction of three and a fourth is just a skip to the east).  We had lunch (cheeseburgers and brats) at the 4-H booth.  Didn't go on any rides -- just had fun checking out all the stuff in the Exposition building and meandering through the (small and large) animal barns.

Wow, there are some really funky chickens in the world, aren't there?



Oh, do I love county fairs! We have a huge San Diego County Fair each year that exhibits everything. Love your photos of such pretty produce. Yes, some of those chickens, turkeys, bunnies, and ungulates are amazingly interesting. I particularly enjoy the 4-H raised animals and the fair entries in the homemaking division. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.


And some of those chickens have some really funky hairdos!


I love county fairs but haven't been in years. Lovely produce photos.


Great produce pics... LOVE love love the Juno!


Some of those chickens make me shake my head and some make me laugh.


I think we hit every local fair this year. They are so much fun and our 3 year old just loves them.

Yeah I have to agree about the chickens. There sure are some odd ones out there. Have you seen the no eared goats?


Those are beautiful photos.


Did you "do" the Funky Chicken??!!

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