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Knitting RED!


Red3_2This is Secret Pal yarn -- it's been half knit and marinatin' so long that the question wasn't "When are you going to finish that?" but "When are you going to rip that out and start something new?"  The answer came on Sunday night when I ripped and re-skeined, then washed and hung it out to dry (and be photographed) on Monday.

I love the far left quarter of the photo above -- the out of focus, sparkly part -- and imagine that if Van Gogh ever painted a hank of red yarn hanging on a clothesline, it might look a little like that.

Anyway, I found a pattern for a quick-to-knit, simple lace wrap that I like much better.  I started last night.

I'm also knitting a narrow, simple, one-row-repeat lace scarf with a hank of red Koigu KPM that I've had in the stash for almost as long.  This one is earmarked for the Red Scarf Project.  I have two hanks of the red Koigu, though, and like this enough (at the moment) that I'm considering knitting another on larger needles and carrying along a strand of red mohair -- for myself.



The next big thing will not be red and is not for me.  This is Filtes King Kim, a cotton/poly blend, that I am hoping to use as a substitute for the Berroco Suede specified for Maddy's sweater.  Kim is quite different from Suede, but Suede kind of stands alone, too, and I'm thinking (hopeful?) that they're similar enough in their differences to maybe just work.  We'll see.  Swatching in some manner will soon commence.

Hello cool weather!!  I am reminded that I have two sweaters for myself that need only seaming and finishing -- Oblique and the Coup d'Etat -- and also the Habu Birthday for Mom.  There may be a fini frenzy afoot.



Oh my! I love that red! I've been wearing my newly knit sweater all week (it's cool here). Time to work on your finishing, too...you won't be sorry.


Love the red!!! How bright and fun that is going to be.


Va-Va-Va-VOOM! Red, she said. It looks fantastic. It's just sitting there, dreaming about what it's going to be when it's knit up.


Beautiuos red - and that's hard to photgraph! Or so I'm told!!

gale (she shoots sheep shots)

LOVE the red yarn on the line images! Makes you wonder why one would knit with any other color.

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