It's Wednesday -- Think Red!!

New haircut (is there an echo in here?)


I had just a little trim, really, and this is "salon styled," not exactly how *I* do it... and there's COLOR!  Not a huge departure from my regular hair color, but DARKER -- never thought I'd go DARKER.  Ali said that it looked "natural."  That's good.  I left it completely up to the stylist. "Do what you do," I said, though I did ask her to leave the narrow band of face-framing gray, which I have come to love -- is that weird?  Well, I like how it turned out.  This is semi- or demi- (it's not) permanent -- it'll fade away.  My next appointment is just before Thanksgiving and if I do decide to make it permanent, there'll likely be highlights and lowlights added for a little more depth and dimension.

I finally had a chance today to play around with my remote shutter release and the old studio lights that DH had squirrelled away.  I had to get a hotshoe-to-hotshoe adapter and a sync cord, and I also bought an inexpensive softbox to diffuse one of the lights -- looking forward to fooling around some more!

Now, about my neck...  I'm not going to apologize for it...  I'm mainly just wondering where in the hell it went!  Where is my neck??  There's that saggy chin thing, but there should be some neck below that...

**Just a note about Dancing With The Stars, about which I barely wrote a single word last season, but honestly... I think Ted McGinley went home only because of Inna Brayer's lips, WTF was with her lips when she was in costume?  I'm delighted that we'll get another week of Cloris Leachman, but I really hope that doesn't last too long, and I'm also happy that Rocco DeSpirito learned to move his hips -- that'll keep things warm in the kitchen...



It's a great haircut. you look mahhhvelous.


You look fabulous, honey! Love that color on you!

Teresa C

Gawwwjuss! I love it.

And I will miss Ted, he would have been fun to watch for a couple of weeks more. So will Cloris, I suppose, I just hope they can rein her in a little.


I love it! The color looks fab. I know what you mean about loving your face framing gray, too. Cloris Leachman!? Seriously!? That makes me laugh out loud.

Steph VW

Love the new cut and colour. It's very becoming.


You are beautiful - inside and out!! Always!


You look fab.
This colour should be permanent! I always have a little grey sticking out. This is usually because I missed a spot...:)


it looks wonderful!!!! and so does your neck!


Great color for fall! Very flattering!


Good color, good cut - you look great! There's nothing wrong with your neck, stop worrying about until it stops holding up your head. Then you can worry.


I love your cut! And no, keeping a little gray is just fine! (I like mine, too!)


You look great Vicki!

Thanks again for winding my yarn. Now if I can ever get around to casting on those mittens.....

Rhonda the StitchingNut

Love the cut & the face framing natural highlights ... I love all my gray too, btw. I don't miss the chemicals on my head. [speaking of 40+ years exposure here]

And... what do you mean you have no neck?


Oh, my goodness! It's just perfect! Love it, love it, love it!


Oh, I LOVE it, Vicki -- the cut AND the color -- they look natural and marvelous. I bet you feel like a million bucks, and you well should! Remember that first time you took the plunge to get it cut? How far you've come since then!


I think keeping the touch of grey is what makes the hair color look so natural.


You look great, Vicki! Everything about your hair suits you! The cut, color and style are great, and I think leaving in the "face framing touch of grey" makes it look more natural.


Love it, love it, love it!


Love your little self photo session shots! And the cut. And the color. Don't worry about your neck... mine is all wrinkly (how'd that happen???)


love both the color and the cut! I, too, went a shade deeper in color (and I love mine)

What an awesome job you did with the self portraits. I'm totally impressed.


Great hair cut and color, Vicki. Very becoming!!


Fabulous cut and color! And what a wonderful selection of shots. There's definitely a new energy about you lately! (I'm hoping it's contagious through the computer screen...)

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