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It's Wednesday -- Think Red!!

New haircut

It was a good weekend -- busy, fun, productive. Katie was home and had an appointment at the salon on Saturday. She's rockin' the new 'do, don't you think? I hope to catch the beat come Wednesday when it's my turn... change is in the wind.

Thanks so much for all the well wishes and encouragement. You leave me verklempt. One thing's for sure... I'd never have done it without the encouragement and support of my family, especially my girls, nor without all of YOU. Blogging has changed my life -- not just my knitting; it's changed the way I look at life, what I expect from life, where I want to go in life, how I want to live my life. And by blogging, I mean YOU!

Thank you.



Her new haircut is awesome. I had a haircut on Saturday, too, but I'm letting things get a little longer for the winter so the overall cut isn't that different. The color came out great, though!


She's beautiful and looks a lot like you!


Wow that is a great haircut. She sure resembles her Mom!! Congrats on the new endeavours...does this mean you will be giving up your day job??
For the last week or so, your posts have been about 3" wide on my screen and all the stuff on your sidebar is the rest!! Makes things rather interesting!! I don't know if there is something that you might have done or not but it sure is weird. I have never had any problem viewing your blog before (and I read EVERY DAY) so not sure why the "sidebar" has grown to 75% of the page!!


I love that haircut! OK, took me a minute (since I don't know ya in the flesh), I thought that was you and I was thinking "Whoa, she looks so incredibly AWESOME" (because I think you are about my age which is 47). She has an incredible hair color... I'm envious! I've wanted a great red, but I've been told it would look really badly on me. I still might try a wash in one day. You going to get yours cut in a similar way?


fabulous vicki!! so proud of you. much change around here, huh??


Great haircut! I looked at the photo and asked myself, why is
Vicki posting a picture of Julieanne Moore on her site?


You probably picked one of the weirdest pictures from that day. ;) I look a little bizarre.


Your hair looks so great!!!!!

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