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10 Simple Things That Make Me Happy (Ten for Tuesday) (in no particular order)!

1. Fresh (straw-, rasp-, black- 'n blue-) berries in a bowl with cream, or just by the handful, or plucked right off the bush all warm from the sun and not even washed.

2. Real stuff -- cards, letters, money, yarn, chocolate -- in my mailbox.

3. Smiles.

4. Sunny days -- like today.  Even sweeter when they follow a weekend such as last.  Better if there's another tomorrow -- my day off!

5. Good tunes.  Loud.  Dancing.

6. Laundry on the line (big surprise).

7. New nightgowns!  It's been a while and winter's on the way.  I have two favorites from Gaiam which were recently on sale... and then there were four.

8. Happy hubby.

9. Happy kids.

10. Voicemails from Mack; most recent: "Will you buy some coffee for my school-raiser?"



Best list I've read yet.


Wonderful list! I need some new nightgowns, too!


great list!

Teresa C

I love your list, other lists remind me of all the other simple things that make me happy. Berries. Phone calls from my girls and the ringtones connected to them. Smiles.


I love it. I mostly go withOUT nightgowns, heh.


Kids selling coffee - classic!

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