3rd Saturday: 3 Images
Um. Yeah.

Some Flickr Faves 1/19/09

1. M A R C Y, 2. Just going through old files, 3. clothes on line, 4. mittentree, 5. Loops!: thinking about the next step, 6. festive pup (C365:322), 7. krtek, 8. 365-221 (One more Xmas knit finished), 9. 365.341, 10. Snowballs in whiskers, 11. Surrounded, 12. the park, 13. Christmas gifts are underway, 14. Happy Holidays!, 15. Seems normal, 16. I think he's got his eye on me!, 17. Happy Humpday, 18. Untitled, 19. Do Not Pass GO, 20. argosy1, 21. Warmth of the sun, 22. It's raining Bokeh...hallelujah, 23. .last of summer., 24. my fortune for the day..., 25. Sun catchers, 26. Tigerwalkers, 27. Starburst, 28. baby bunny...., 29. mud-104-Edit copy, 30. Protectors, 31. First Christmas WIP, 32. Flowers for Evan 2, 33. The kids, 34. Little Sandy Feet (3), 35. knitting hands, 36. ruby

It was an okay weekend. Mostly home-bound, I did a fair bit of tossing, cleaning, and organizing. There's more to do, of course; never a shortage of stuff to toss, clean, and organize. It's good, ya know? Keeps the mind engaged just enough.

E7 (10 by the end of the week?)



Great Mosaic! I see my Tigerwalkers in there :)



I had the same kind of weekend. Love those tiger socks! And the lizard ridge...nice collection of photos, there.

Steph VW

Hey - I know those feet in the bottom row!

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