Weekend update (with weather) (and pizza)


Faves 3/10/09

1. Solitude, 2. I have been waiting all winter long for springtime., 3. Change, 4. yunomi, 5. {a friend who cares}, 6. Pink Blush, 7. revontulifinished11, 8. {Poppy}, 9. RED, 10. sprung, 11. Rearview, 12. Remembering summer, 13. Yellow, 5, 14. a boy named sue, 15. Untitled, 16. Eastern Shore of Lake Winnebago
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It's looking a little brighter, don't you think?  Makes me think, "Sunny, with flowers."  Happy Tuesday.



Oh, shiny!


Pansy season is coming!!


Yay, spring! (when it finally gets here) I want to see Revontuli -- did you already show us and I missed it somehow? It looks gorgeous. (Okay, I just checked it out on Ravelry. What a gorgeous pattern! I may have exactly the right yarn for it myself.)


Great mix of colors.

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