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Hanging in there

Laundry on the line

Any day I can hang clothes on the line is a good day!  There are sheets, a light quilt, a couple of dishtowels, and mostly napkins.  The napkins get a little stiff when they're hung out to dry, but they fold so nicely (and soften up quickly when unfolded and spread across a lap).

It's going to rain today.  I'm determined to make it a good day, anyway, even if I do have a doctor (gyno/physical) appointment... and will also have a mammogram.  Wham, bam, thank you, ma'am; let's get it all done in one day!  Today happens to be Walk-in Wednesday at the Breast Center -- something new -- and don't you just love that?

Stacks of Living

The focus was on the upstairs kitchen when Ali came over the other night.  There are regular cupboards over the counter in there, and then a row of small ones above.  My heart sunk a little when I opened one of those way-uppers and discovered a forgotten stack of Living.  The everyday occurrences of my Life got in the way of my recent bout of de-cluttering my Living, but that rediscovered stack provided the impetus to Get A Move On.  Before you are stacks of Living dating back to 1998, I believe, [ETA: make that 1992-93] all but the most recent.  I have kept a very few, torn apart even fewer, and photocopied a few more.  Now... to get them outta here!

'70s 'shrooms

Also unearthed... I believe this is one of my first stitchery projects, ca. 1970.  'Shrooms were big in decor then.  We lived in a ranch house for a year after my parents split and I remember Mom making her mark on the place, doing what she wanted to do... painting the kitchen walls black... and making curtains from fabric with a black background with tan-colored mushrooms.  I actually had some of THAT fabric in my stash a few years ago -- Katie used it as inserts to flare the legs of her jeans in high school.

I struggled a bit with the Habu knitting last night and ended up ripping two or three times -- increases were looking like CRAP (and only two stitches, WTF?).  I also dropped way down to fix a split stitch that did nothing but GLARE at me all night -- every time I held the thing up, it was like there was a spotlight on that ONE stitch!  Dropping down in garter stitch is much more daunting that the same fix in stockinette and I'll admit that I gave that spotlight SEVERAL chances to shine somewhere else.  The message was clear, so I took a deep breath and dropped the stitch -- probably 25 rows or so.  The whole sweater is severely blocked in the end, and I hope the resulting wonkiness from the fix will disappear.



It feels so good to be rid of old magazines. Love the 'shrooms. EZ said the only mistake in knitting is a split stitch. They glare back at me, too.


I hate dropping back in garter stitch -- why does it have to be so hard?


Oh your laundry smells SO fresh!


Golly, I had forgotten about that mushroom phase, but the specific shape of those babies in your photo brought it right back. Your mom painted a wall n the kitchen black? Suddenly, my mom's unfortunate choice of "Banjo Orange" (real name, I swear) seems less worthy of the derisive comments we made.


Lovely photo of the laundry hanging outside. Reminds me of my childhood.

Miz Booshay

I love your photography!
So fresh. Wonderful colors.
I like what you see :o)

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