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Moo Zoo, Her New Tattoo, and Other News (Katie's home!) + Ten

It's alive!

Ruby lives! 

This is Long Island Ruby, aka Ruby the Rhubarb!  Last year, Ann sent me a cutting from her rhubarb plant all the way from her back yard on Long Island.  When she came to visit this spring, I sadly pointed out the bare ground where it had been planted.  The other day, as I was taking another walk-through, I noticed this plant... um... looking suspiciously like rhubarb, but several feet from Long Island Ruby's spot.  Later, in general garden conversation, DH 'fessed up and admitted that he MOVED my rhubarb last fall in favor of some stupid daffodil bulbs that never even appeared (hence, bare ground)!  Risking further setback, I'm afraid that I'm going to have to move Ruby again because she will not have enough room to grow in this location -- and I'll have to MARK the spot, and mark it well!

Pan's debut

My garden statue came out of winter storage yesterday.  He's Pan, my little boy -- the only one I'll ever have!  I keep him in the back yard because I'm so afraid someone might steal him if he's out front.  I love, love, love him and his gorgeous copper pipes (thanks Maddy & Luke for tossing the original plastic ones down the hill all those years ago!) (thanks DH for doing such a wonderful job making the replacements!).  The pipes are operational and Pan has all the required plumbing in case I ever want a fountain.  Might be fun one of these years... just something simple, drippy, and gurgle-y.

I'm nearly half-finished with the back of Habu for MeRav_link  -- perhaps a pic soon, even though it's nothing but gray-green garter stitch.  We'll see.

I've been using Calorie Count the past few days, as recently mentioned by Norma, and I love it!  I love all the tracking features, especially the analysis, and it's FREE!  The program has determined that I should lose about 60 pounds and figures that I can do it by June 2010 if I limit my calories to 1450 per day and get some exercise.  (Yay, I went to Zumba again on Saturday!)  I will be very happy to lose 30 pounds, thrilled at 40, elated at 50, and over-the-moon at 60.  I think I'd have to have a party at 60!  Heh.  Here's what I've learned so far: I've been eating about 250 calories more per day than I should be if I want to lose weight; my average intake amounts to 26% fat, 23% protein, 51% carbs, and 23g fiber; a little high in the fat department.  I've been creeping up and dancing within 5 pounds on either side of a not-so-attractive number on the scale for a while now, and it's just got to start moving the other way.  Oh, and menopause totally sucks in this regard

In other news, Katie will arrive home tonight after spending the past 2-1/2 weeks in  Europe -- London, Rome, Florence, and Athens!  I can't wait to see her and hear all about it!!



Woohoo for LI rhubarb!! Love your Pan and the idea that he could someday be a fountain. The calorie counter has been eye opening. I need to find away to eat more and it's not that easy.


Our rhubarb is in about that state of development. A volunteer here, probably planted years ago by SOMEbody. It was a little obscene looking as it first came out. What are you planning to do w/ it? Very funny that it got moved.


Pan is GREAT! I need a sophisticated garden statue like that.

I love the calorie tool -- there are a few items that it does not have, and I wish it would make permanent the things that I add in, so I don't have to add them each time. AND I hate hate hate the pop-out Splenda ads (they weren't there the first few days I used it) BUT I love also the analysis and love that it gives you a sensible long-term goal! Your ratio of fat/protein/carbs is better than mine, and no matter how hard I try, I really truly STRUGGLE to get the fat below 30%. It's been a real eye-opener.


I have a calorie counter that I use with my PDA but it doesn't have a ton of restaurant info. I'll check out the one you recommended, hopefully it has a mobile app.

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