Cameron cowl (w/mod)

Things don't always go as planned

Ya know?

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This hank of mohair wound into a center-pull ball about as big as my head and would have taken up precious space in the suitcase, so it stayed home... and I've yet to even cast on. Things were flying in and out of the suitcase and various other "carry-on" bags -- which is why I ended up with only ONE card for my camera (naturally, a 4GB... couldn't have been one of the 16s) -- and I'm not even quite sure where it is.

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The West Knits Mystery Shawl KAL was a bust. These yarns are all different and they didn't play very well together... what I thought might be highlighted was actually lost. I tore it all out the other night and I feel better. I doubt I'll ever knit the shawl -- there are other West Knits designs that I like much, much better.

Monster Bum for a photo shoot on the sidewalk. I bought elastic for the waist tonight... not crazy about the teeth. It doesn't bother anyone else, but it bothers me (still)... I think I'm going to add more. Easy fix. Stay tuned.




Mystery shawl was a bust of me, too. It just wasn't our kinda shawl.
We lived "in the moment" all weekend, which isn't all that conducive to photos. It was great for us, not great for the blogs. So, does kitty approve of you Monster pants or not?


That mystery shawl really WAS a bust. . . because you'd really need to choose your colors thoughtfully and carefully for that particular design to sing.

Your monster butt (ooo - bum; so much nicer) pants look so adorable. :-)


I think the monster bum pants are soooo cute. I hadn't seen them until you referenced them here. Adorable.


I've got to say, I was not crazy about any of the finished mystery shawls this time. He has other patterns that are much better. Love the monster bum!


That mystery shawl really was a bust. Your monster pants look so adorable. Does kitty approve of your Monster pants or not? :)

cathy goldman

LOL I too diudn't like the mystery shawl and frogged it before the third installment. My colors didn't work and I agree... ther are better Westknits designs....oh well


I agree. I didn't like it either and stopped knitting it after the second installment. My colors worked but I just didn't think the pattern was 'me'. I guess I should frog it so I will have closure...LOL

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