Ten on Tuesday: All By Myself

Lavender & Lace

Ravelry-2013-06-28 00.25.51
I didn't finish them in time for the wedding. I'm sure it was because the lavender in my garden wasn't blooming then, and now it is (also, blurry little creeping thyme flowers in the foreground).

Ravelry-2013-06-28 00.30.24
Each one tied with a ribbon corresponding to the color of their dress for the wedding.

  • Project:  Lavender & Lace by Derya Davenport
  • Ravelry details here
  • Yarn:  JaggerSpun Zephyr Wool-Silk 2/18 from Sarah's Yarns
  • Yarn:  Make.Do Invoke Sport (for one), using US 3 needle
  • Needle:  US 0, 1
  • Start to Finish:  May 28 - June 28, 2013

I knit the first one in the round and, while efficient, I found it tedious. I don't know that I was thinking. I've knit hundreds of small hexagons the same way and haven't complained. Feeling under the gun and knowing I knit faster on straight needles, I knit all the rest flat -- except for my sister's, but that one's much larger.

Um, yeah, so sewing up seven tiny sachets isn't tedious? Gah.

So, the tiniest one -- the first one -- I gave to Jillian because she's the youngest and it was so very sweet. I made a mistake on one, working the eyelet row YO, K1 instead of YO, K2tog, resulting in a double-ruffle -- and I left it that way and gave it to the bride.

Ravelry-2013-06-28 00.27.34
They smell divine!




Those are lovely.


Wonderful gifts for the bridesmaids, so delicate and a forever keepsake.


How lovely. Must add to my Christmas knitting list. Thanks for the linky.


Lovely seems to be the appropriate word! Such a sweet gift!

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