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It's an "even year" in terms of the girls' ages -- odd year on the calendar = even-year ages.

My baby is 26.

I've shared day-after birthday posts/photos this year. Today is technically Maddy's birthday... right here & now. But in NZ, where she is, it was yesterday!


I've shared this photo before, but it bears sharing again -- another favorite! Katie & Ali were obviously in the charge of my mother, as they are super dolled-up for their first visit with little sis! And look at them... Ali's leaning in, pretty interested in what's going on there; Kate's like, "Okaayyyy...." A little foreshadowing?

Maddy's working awfully hard, but celebrating a little, too. I saw a photo of her celebrating with Kiwi Family -- wearing birthday hats & taking pics with adorable little bro & sis! She sent a photo of the "Stitch" cake they made, with Ohana Means Family written below. Maddy's camp name was Stitch (and her BFF was Lilo), and she met Nicole -- of Kiwi Family -- when Nicole worked there one summer.

It's a small world... full of love and beautiful people! ❤️



Happy 26th Birthday to Maddy! Hard to believe how quickly the years go, isn't it? My baby will be 25 in September.


Happy Birthday to Maddy and Happy Maddy's Birthday to you! I love that she kind of gets two birthdays since people that love her are straddling the International Date Line, and I love that you've reminded us that the world is full of love and beautiful people!


Happy Birthday to Maddy! I've really been enjoying reading about all of her adventures. And, of course, Happy Birthing Day to you!! Love that picture...all that red, red hair and tiny baby feet!!


Your girl is an amazing person! The matching dresses on Kate and Ali are beautiful. This is a crazy wonderful month for you, Vicki!


Oh, happy birthday Maddy!! Those dresses on the girls are indeed priceless! Yay for moms ( or in my case, mother-in-laws) that step in and keep things moving.


Happy Birthday Maddy! I've really enjoyed the lookback photos this year - seeing your family of two become, three, four and now five! Congratulations to all of you!!

Robin F.

Happy birthday Maddy! I love the welcome from big sisters pic. I have pic of my eldest welcoming the twins. They are precious memories.


Oh, the sweetness! Happy birthday, Maddy!!! (I'm late to your party, no matter what day you actually celebrated.)


That is such a beautiful picture. Happy birthday (belatedly) to Maddy!


I had my one and only 9 days prior! And truly...one fast 26 years huh? Happy Belated to Maddy!

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