Right Now: April Weekending
Sorry, not sorry

End of the Week-ing

Oh my goodness, what a week! We are in Week 2 of a computer upgrade at work that has been complicated by every problem you can think of. Hopefully, it'll get wrapped up today... and I can't wait.


We get The Business News of Northeast Wisconsin in the mail at work and I was happily surprised to see Ali's smiling face looking at me from the front page this week! I am certain that she told me about this at some point, but I was still "surprised."

On Wednesday, I put my nose to the grindstone and worked on taxes. I barely took a break and made really good progress... I should be able to get that off my desk & mind this weekend. YA-freakin'-HOO!


My yarn for A Year of Techniques: Intarsia (AYoT Pattern #2) arrived yesterday from Mason-Dixon Knitting! I ordered it (the "Sterling" colorway) on Tuesday and it arrived on Thursday -- can't ask for much more than that! I'm not a total stranger to intarsia, but am not super comfortable with it, either; I'm excited to get started on this project and hopefully improve my skills. Bristol Ivy's Brambling Shawl looks interesting (like all of her patterns -- seriously)!


I'm not sure yet how I'll arrange/change up the colors!

I won't start that project, though, until I'm finished with my Summer Camp shawl. I'm technically on the second-to-last stripe, so it's moving right along. There's plenty of yarn, and I think I'm going to add a couple more stripes.

It is going to be a stellar weekend, for a change, and I'm hoping to get started on a home project... cleaning or painting or organizing... something needs to get started! I'll probably take the kids for a while, so Ali can finish a painting project that she has underway -- and just because I like those kids! Kate's coming over for a while this evening (she's moved 20 mi/30 min away), and Ali will pop over with the kids, too. Never a dull moment.

I hope you have a great weekend!



I hate tax time! Every year I stress for about three months, then finally the last few weeks I organize all my paper, nag my husband to do his (self-employed) business expenses, then sit down for a marathon experience on the computer, which I will be doing this weekend! It's the little surprises, like that great article, that make this tax issue bearable. Thanks for sharing.

Robby H.

What a great surprise, and publicity for Ali! Well earned, I am sure.

I wanted to do the intarsia because, well, I've avoided it and like a number of projects that use it. I have to confess, I'm not in love with the Brambling Shawl. Which surprises me because I tend to love pretty much all of Bristol Ivy's designs. I may cave yet.

Have a great weekend!


Go Ali! How wonderful. Can't wait to see what you do with that yarn and here's to projects because it's warm. Pray I actually pick-up that porch instead of relax and take in the sunshine! Have a great weekend Vicki!


Fabulous publicity for Ali - that's wonderful. Oh my, your new yarn looks so beautiful. And soft. And that's the colorway I would've chosen. But I am NOT caving...yet...


I got my stuff to the tax guy on Tuesday. Hooray! And how great that Ali got some good free press, that's fabulous and well deserved!


Your kids (and grandkiddos, too) keep you busy and happy! How wonderful for Ali! She had a vision and she made it happen! ALL your kids (your whole family) are very talented. Congrats on the taxes and good luck with your home project. They are not that fun whilst in the doing, but their fabulous once complete!

Robin F.

What a great article for Ali and a nice surprise for you. Love your colors for your intarsia project, I'm looking forward to seeing the completed shawl. Good luck with taxes and home project. I'm sure you'll enjoy all the family time. have a great weekend.


Hooray for Ali's front page news and that lovely sterling array of yarns! I hope your tax angst and frustration is over and done with and you are enjoying a great weekend!


That's a big woo hoo for Ali! I haven't finished our taxes yet, either. . . I probably should go do that now. . .


Those colors just absolutely glow right off the page! I hope you conquer the intarsia with no annoyances.

Happily knitting along on a new gradient yarn over here.


I finished my taxes yesterday. (Nothing to celebrate, however. . . ) How I loathe that chore! But it's done now, and I can move on to other tasks. (And that's worth celebrating!)

LOVE seeing Ali on the front page . . . above the fold! XO


Thanks Michele! I'm looking forward to getting more comfortable with intarsia. And, the shawl of yours that I've had on the needles for a while now has been on my mind. It's been in time out due to a pretty bad snag, having caught on the zipper pull of a project bag (ARGHHHH!), but I think I'm ready to face the ripping and re-doing. I really love the pattern and how the yarns are working up!  :)


love the colors you chose for the shawl - I'm a huge fan of Bristol's patterns, but intarsia, not so much! saw those adorable kiddos on instagram - the best weekends for sure include time with them (and their mom and aunties)

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