End of the Week-ing
Unraveled - April 12th

Sorry, not sorry

Saturday was spent mostly with my nose to the taxman's grindstone. Done and dusted. Yuck.


After that, I went upstairs and putzed a little in the upstairs bedroom -- and actually remembered to take a (360°) Before photo! I took everything off the walls and pulled all the nails, and on Sunday we took the big "bulletin board" off the wall. That board's been there since we moved in; we thought it might have been glued to the wall but, thankfully, 'twas only screwed. Maddy will likely land here for a bit in June when she returns from abroad to regroup; otherwise, it will be open to guests (and also planned storage)!

On Sunday, it was all about the kids -- so, sorry/not sorry, but this post is pretty kid-centric! (More than usual? Haha.)


Seriously. This photo.

Jün tried to take a seat in "his" orange lawn chair the other day and we found that he'd outgrown it -- by a lot! So I picked up a new one for him last week and the orange one is now Gin's. She's wearing one of my favorite all-time kid knits -- Baby A Cardigan -- which I made 10 years ago for Mack, and has also been worn by Addy and Jün, at least. A favorite not in the least part because of how well it's held up over 10 years and four kids!

We walked over to the park (Jün on his Strider -- and there were a few little hills, which makes it super fun!) and did it all! Swings, slides, merry-go-round; I even went down the big circular slide with Gin a few times, and even once with both of them, at Jün's request. (And I can feel a few muscles today that haven't had any recent exercise!)


Aunt Kate came over for a while and we had fun hangin' out with her!


But, man, it sure was nice outside!! We did hopscotch and played with chalk and sat in the grass.


Things are starting to happen in the yard! Sedum (lots of sedum!), snowdrops, rhubarb, and bleeding heart! I think the bleeding heart has grown 4" since I took these photos -- that stuff just explodes out of the earth!


I am switching out one of the colors for my Brambling shawl with some Alchemy Yarns Haiku from stash. And it's been in there a while... a purchase from my first Rhinebeck in 2005! I'm just about to start the edging on Summer Camp, so should be casting and practicing some intarsia soon!


It was pretty this morning, but the weather's gone decidedly downhill, and it'll be touch-and-go all week. That makes me really glad that we spent some time soaking it up yesterday.


Robby H.

This is the time of year one must take advantage of any and all good weather. Other things will wait.

That first picture of the kids just cracks me up. Gin looks a little like some old lady all bundled up on her porch keeping an eye on things lest they get out of hand. I love it!


Oh Vicki - those photos of Jun and Gin... AWESOME!! And, thank you for the inspiration on the brambling shawl - I have a stash of KSH that might work!


No need to be sorry about any kid-centricity posts - I love 'em all! Taxes done, spring arriving, new knitting to cast on, plants growing, Jun and Gin all make for a perfect weekend! Thanks for sharing the perfection.

gale zucker(she shoots sheep shots)

No need to be sorry, I love seeing the Littles any day. So adorable.


The Baby A Sweater looks remarkably like the Einstein Coat for Child by Sally Melville; I made one for a work friend a few years back and loved knitting it -- so simple and mindless, but perfect for a child.

I cleaned up my desk yesterday in preparation for doing the taxes. I may have learned to do it all paperless back when I did this for wages, but I still need paper for my own.

Jün is a full-fledged boy now! No toddler stuff for him.


How great to see the kids outside enjoying spring!


What a wonderful weekend!

Love the switch you've made for Brambling -- can't wait to see your progress! I started Saturday and am finding it completely addictive.


I swear those two kids get cuter with every photo (and what's with the growing up so quickly thing?!). Good work on your weekend "musts". The sense of accomplishment must be fantastic! We had snow Sunday morning so I know what's coming your way! Hope it is short lived!


Sounds like a perfect weekend. Doesn't rhubarb look like a brain when it first comes up? Cracks me up every time. Those kids - Jun is looking even more grown up than a week or two ago and Gin - too cute. Love that picture of her with Kate.


More kids!!! They're always welcome! :-)
Spring is crazy! You really need to take advantage of those nice days. . . and it certainly looks like y'all made the most of it.
(But . . . where's the video of you on the slide, huh???!) XO

Robin F.

Love all the kid pix. Gin is getting so big- Jun is no longer a little guy- he looks grown up-
You are a brave grandma to go on the slide with both of them.


I love seeing those kids! ...and the signs of Spring coming your way :-)

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