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Unraveled - April 12th

Joining Kat & friends this week for Unraveled Wednesday, I am plugging away at the edging of my Summer Camp shawl!


It's going fairly quickly -- eight more repeats of the leaf motif and a few more rows (maybe I'll finish tonight)! There it is in my tote bag, along with my Stitched by JessaLu HAMILTON wedge bag -- Angelica, Eliza and Peggy (the Schuyler sisters) showing there.

(Have I mentioned that Maddy is taking her friend Katy and me to see Hamilton in Chicago in November??? So excited!)

Then, of course, I'm ready to cast on the Brambling shawl.

I'm nearly finished listening to Exit West, and Lincoln in the Bardo is queued. I've begun reading Dark Matter, too, but wow... time has not been on my side this week.

5:45 pm UPDATE: I finished Exit West during the evening commute and Lincoln in the Bardo is downloading -- I am so excited to listen to that book! There's a Goodreads Giveaway of Exit West which ends tomorrow, if you're interested! (I loved listening to it read by the author, but I know that Kym loved reading it... it's good!)



NO you didn't mention. How exciting! I wanted to see it when it comes to SLC next year, but ticketing was not in my favor.


Your shawl is looking great and cute bag! Hamilton in the Fall sounds wonderful!!


Nice knitting, nice bag, and looking forward to Hamilton is wonderful! I haven't been able to get tickets, but I'm excited for you!

Robby H.

You gave me a little scare with that title and picture. I was afraid you developed a serious problem or decided to rip it out for some reason. Glad it's wrapping up, and I'm a little jealous about that Hamilton news.


Dale just finished Lincoln in the Bardo and talked about it at book club the other night. I'm curious to hear what you think about it once you are done. Love the colors in your knitting. And I'm totally jealous about Hamilton!


How awesome you're going to see Hamilton! I kept entering some "history teacher" contests but never did win the tickets.

I've got Lincoln in the Bardo ready to listen to, too, I'm curious how I will do with the hundred + voices. Thanks for the Exit West link on Goodreads, I signed up for the giveaway. :)


Sara and a friend saw Hamilton in Chicago last weekend ... needless to say they loved it (and I'm super jealous you get to go, too!) Lincoln in the Bardo is my promised treat once I finish Mrs. Dalloway. soon, I hope. not because I'm not enjoying Dalloway, but because I've been waiting for Lincoln since last year when I heard it was coming out! (and ps. I love the colors in your shawl!)


I love the Hamilton bag! AND Hamilton IRL! What a fun thing to look forward to! I am going through KSH stash today to see what I have to knit Brambling!


Your yarn is YUMMY. I just love the colors! And Hamilton IRL FTW! XO

Kim Dean

"Lincoln in the Bardo" is spectacular. The best book I've read in a long while.

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