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Weekending: Together With / Madison

Dear May,

Well, we've already celebrated Gin's first birthday, May the Fourth (Be With You), and now Cinco de Mayo!


Where can it possibly go from here??

For starters, we're heading to Madison this evening for Gallery Night and the opening of TOGETHER WITH, curated by Kate and showing at The Bubbler at Madison Public Library! We're staying at a new and contemporary Airbnb with the most techy host ever -- apps for everything! It'll be a fun get-away. Quick... but FUN!

Mother's Day is there in the middle. Memorial Day at the end.

Really, though, compared to just about every other month this year, you are rather quiet and I'm not going anywhere. Except for the quick trip to Madison, I am staying put!

I'll continue working on projects...

  • Rusty's nearly finished with his part of the guest room re-do, so I'll be furnishing, decorating, and sprucing up a few things. I'm excited for it to come together!
  • I'm not much of a "harvest" gardener, but I'm going to attempt potato farming for the first time! I found a local source for organic seed potatoes -- and many organic other things -- it's not too far from home and I'll be heading there soon.


My newest assistant!

  • My second shawl in as many months is almost finished, with another (three) (at least) still on the needles and I'm hankering to get back to them! A couple have been in time-out for crimes not their own, and I'm ready to set them free -- figure it out & finish!
  • I am feeling overwhelmed by possibilities, stifled by WIPs, and really need to KonMari my stash and projects; Memorial Day Weekend is earmarked for that task. (I even put it on my calendar.)

And... prep for SPAIN will begin!! I'm so excited to see Annie & the boys, and Maddy!!

Love, Vicki



You've already had great celebrations and it's only the 5th! Your Madison trip sounds super fun, can't wait to hear about that airbnb!


Your May sounds like it has a balance of busy and quiet, plus there will be accomplishments. Potatoes are fun to grow and they offer great rewards (as do many vegetables, but, you know, potatoes are SO GOOD!)


Talk about the Merry Month of May! You've got it covered, Vicki! And potatoes. What a great place to start. XO


May starts off with a bang and Monday my baby turns 25!! (It is the official Green Eggs and Ham day for dear Sam-I-Am) But, Spain! YES! :)


May sounds like a lovely balance of celebrations, art, and staying home. You should accomplish plenty with your adorable assistant! I think digging potatoes is like looking for buried treasure, and will be interested to see what you plant.


Your May sounds wonderful - off to a great start ... and then more fun to follow! (hope you get those shawls back on track - "crimes not their own" made me chuckle ;-)


I don't think Gin can get any cuter! She is adorable and obviously the perfect assistant. Your May sounds splendid. Can't wait to hear all about the Madison trip. And potatoes? Love growing them. New potatoes dug out of the garden taste different than any potato you've ever had. Plus, the plants are pretty!

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