Unraveled: closing in
Dear May,

FO: Summer Camp

More like "Spring Camp!" I actually finished this a couple of weeks ago. I've been wearing it a lot, too.



It's quite long, and wraps generously around my neck. I never blocked it, and think perhaps the knitted-on leaf edging might benefit from it. But I'm in no rush.


It "goes" with just about everything, but I especially love it with black, gray (my basics), or light blue.


It's all garter stitch, which I love, and the pattern was truly easy to memorize! I would consider making another one -- it's a great pattern for speckled or variegated yarn.



I LOVE it! The black really sets off the speckles and I know a smoothy bit of garter stitch around your neck feels wonderful.


You dye great yarn and put the best colors together! This is a perfect spring scarf and I love the leaves!


I really love it, Vicki! I think my wardrobe could benefit from Summer Camp! XO

Robby H.

What a great combo of colors! So many of Laura's designs are relaxing knits that are really interesting, too. I might need a little 'camp' time myself.

Robin F.

Great combo of colors. I love Laura's patterns and have made more than a few of them. Your Playful colorway is really pretty.


That's a great combination of colors, I can see why you must wear it a lot.


Gorgeous! Why isn't there more time for knitting???


This combo of colors is perfect to go with just about anything! Love this!


Oh, I love this! Hmmm, that would be a great wardrobe piece!


Beautiful shawl. The pairing of colors is perfect! Love the edge of this too...I am getting tempted....

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