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Majorette Mom

The other day I read this great piece in The New York Times: Our Mothers as We Never Saw Them. I've read it three or four times now.

I'd already been thinking about my mom, of course, and even thinking about her being a Majorette when she was in high school... before I knew her. I decided that this was the year of Majorette Mom! There aren't a lot of photos of her before I knew her/she became a mother, but of them, most are as a Majorette.

I think this is the only "pro" shot, probably taken for the yearbook or a program.


There are a bunch of photos, in different outfits, that were taken by my grandpa around their home in Marshfield.


One of the cutest things I remember my mom saying about being a cheerleader is that she'd shout "FIRST & TEN, DO IT AGAIN!" but had absolutely NO IDEA what it meant... having zero interest in the game (it was all about the BOYS) (of course).


I remember those boots. She'd kept them a long time, for whatever reason, and they were in the cedar chest (now mine) that was at the foot of her bed (along with her wedding dress) (most recently worn by Ali). They were EVERYTHING... with TASSELS!


I am reasonably certain that my mother's affinity for all things ROYAL began here. And also the attitude.


She used to give lessons to the little girls in the neighborhood for 25 cents.

There was a scar on one eyebrow from a wayward baton.


I'm not sure whose idea it was to climb onto the ridge of the garage... probably not Grandma's!


But it resulted in one of my favorite photos of all time! I think Grandpa wasn't a half-bad photographer, though I know of no other photos he made.


And when the tables were turned, he wasn't a bad subject, either! Haha!

What springs to mind about your mother... before she was a mother?



Those majorette costumes are fabulous! My mom worked in Boston before she was married and she drove a carpool of people from her suburban town into the city. I love thinking of her as the independent young woman!


Your grandfather was a hoot and very proud of his daughter, too. How wonderful to have so many beautiful pictures of your mom. She has a light that shines through, along with elegance and a confidence.

Robin F.

So you get your photographers eye from dad! Your mom was a beauty. My mom was a beauty and worked at a department store after HS grad. She always wanted to go to college but only went for one semester due to finances. She was a lifelong learner but never got that degree. I miss her every day.


These are all incredible photos of your mom and Grandpa! I love her as majorette with crown and cape and double batons with Indian headdress. It's really wonderful to have an idea of who your mother was. My mother's story before I came along is only bits and pieces that I've pieced together from a scrapbook I found after she died, so I think I might write my own story for my kids in case they're ever interested.


Oh what a wonderful post - delightful photos and stories! My mom was a farmer's daughter and camp director before I knew her. She continued gardening and camping through my childhood.


These photos are awesome! What great memories!


Wonderful photos. And all the costumes - such fun! My Mom was so independent (riding her bike from Vermont to California in 1940). I miss her all the time.


I read that article, too, Vicki! I've always been fascinated with my mom's life before she was my mom! She was a Scottish Highland Dancer -- with swords! She also played on the school curling team, hated maths, and wanted to be a nurse when she grew up (that never happened, as she married my dad and that derailed her plans). Your mom's majorette photos are just FABULOUS!!! Thanks for sharing her with us. XO

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