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It's been a busy week! We had an impromptu get together & cookout on Wednesday... it was so nice outside!


Rod and his brother came over and began cutting up some fallen trees in our ravine. And while they did that, Rusty did this:


Two 30-gallon garbage bags full of garlic mustard... and I wish I could say that was the end of it. Terrible stuff.


Meanwhile, there's so much blooming right now: lilacs, allium, wild geranium, lilies of the valley, some sweet narcissus from out of nowhere!

I'm hoping to get a handle on my knitting this weekend. All of my projects are so "needy" at the moment -- and I refuse to cast on something new! I've been tempted, but instead I've been sewing...



Sounds like a great week. It feels like summer here and I'm loving it!


Summer! How wonderful to be able to spend time out of doors with your family! Love the natural bouquet. We have been touched (pounded?) by winter once again, but I think the weekend should be a nice one. I hope to get a handle on my knitting (and blogging), too!


I love how all your chalk artists are so intent! And that despite all those invasive noxious weeds you've got so many beautiful things blossoming and blooming. Happy weekend!


I love watching your family! And we've got some weed issues in our yard too...I call them stragulinas because I don't know what they are! (Did you read The Nix? Isn't that the same weed from that book?) Have a wonderful weekend Vicki!


Great scenes from your week ... I remember reading about garlic mustard in The Nix, but I don't think I realized it was really a "noxious weed"!


Got that right about the garlic mustard!

Robin f.

Love the chalk art. I love how grown up Gin and Junah are. It is going so fast. The flowers are gorgeous. You caught the allium at the perfect moment before it fully opens- like a promise of things to come.


That chalk art! So fun!! And, go you on the weed pulling - thistle is our noxious weedy pest. I have spent days pulling and I still find the stuff!


Your season is a bit ahead of us. The wild geraniums here haven't started blooming yet, nor have the hardy geraniums in my garden. In fact, the latter haven't even showed buds yet. Ditto the allium. Soon now...

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