Sunday Shenanigans (Weekending, cont'd)
FO: Colorwash Scarf

Unraveled: unofficial FO

Joining Kat & friends again this week for Unraveled Wednesday!

I'll save the official FO post for later, when I can take some photos, but unofficially it's a finished Colorwash Scarf!

I gave it a soak yesterday afternoon and pinned it out on my blocking mat atop my bed. Then realized that the "guest room" could easily be my "blocking room," so carried it up to the guest bed!

I unpinned it from the blocking mat this morning and took a quick selfie outside the garage before I got in the car...


You might notice that I added a few stripes... couldn't help myself. I have a couple of things to say about this project, so stay tuned.

I began listening to Crossing To Safety by Wallace Stegner last week. It's been a little busy around here, so even when there was quieter time when I could have been listening to my book, I opted instead for silence. I'm at a part in the book that's set in Madison, though, so it was kind of fun to visit as I'd just read about it... albeit 80 years difference. (You cannot drive your car down State Street toward the Wisconsin State Capitol anymore! Since it was turned into a pedestrian zone in 1974, the only wheeled vehicles allowed are fire, police, delivery, buses, and bicycles.)

And Dark Matter is still the book on my nightstand. I am making progress. It may have turned a little weird(er) last night... or I was just really tired (which I was). Progress is slow, but it is progress. I should start thinking about the next nightstand book!



Your Colorwash is wonderful! Parcheesi is one of my favorite knits ever, and I think your Colorwash is right up there with it. I'll look forward to your thoughts on it. I've also found that knowing a book's setting adds to my enjoyment of it, especially if you can contrast decades of difference. (And silence is also quite nice sometimes!)


Ooooh, I love that Colorwash! And I'm so glad you are reading Crossing to Safety!

Helen B

Your colourwash is stunning.

Robby H.

The scarf is lovely, including the personal modification. I read in bed and being too tired has given many a plot an unusual twist in my own reading. Ha! I have found that I enjoy taking a book for vacation reading that is set in my destination. Locally based reading is somehow distracting, maybe because I notice inconsistencies.

FYI - I follow you via Feedly and the only image that has show up on the synopsis for about 10+ days is your Target ad. Your website looks fine when I click over to it, which I always do so I don't miss any of your great photos, but the Target thing still catches me by surprise each time.


What a fantastic scarf--the stripes are perfect!


Your colorwash is stunning! I really love your yarn choices and your added stripes!

Robin F.

Oh it came out so pretty- why didn't you smile?


Oh! That scarf! I love it so much! (And the little stripes on the border are perfect and fun. I'm going to copy you . . . assuming I ever actually cast on.) XO


Gorgeous colorwash! And I love the stripes. Crossing to Safety is such a wonderful book. Dark Matter looks to be a strange read!!


Your scarf is lovely. The stripes set it off so well. Your color choices with both your dye work and purchased yarns are always spot on. You fit in so well with your artist family. 😉


The white canvas of the border demanded a little color of its own and you listened. Good choice! It's a happy, lovely scarf!


I didn't realize that Crossing to Safety was set in Madison - I've got a "place you'd like to know more about" square on my Bingo card and that might work perfectly! And agreeing with everyone about your Colorwash - the colors, the stripes, the lace ... it's perfect!

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