Dear June,
Sew, the weekend...




Photos by Lauren Kirsch, LK Photography.
Check out her beautiful IG, too. (I love her work!).
Lauren & Ali have been friends for years.

In celebration of Gin's 1st birthday, the kids had a family photo session last month, and Rusty & I snuck at the end for a few photos with Gin & Jun. SO FUN!! It occurred to me just now that we should have done a big group photo, too! But you know... in the thick of it, and especially when there are kiddos involved, it's incredibly difficult to remember and do all.the.things.

The photos are FABULOUS! This is in the kids' back yard, cherry tree in full bloom providing a lovely background.

Have a great weekend, everyone! I'll be doing laundry and starting to pack my (very small) suitcase!



Those are fabulous photos! You will cherish them forever. XO


Great pictures! I'd be interested in knowing how to pack a very small suitcase. We are going on a two week Rick Steves tour of Italy in September and may only take one carry on bag. I don't know what kind of light pants to purchase. I live in jeans but they take up too much space. Yikes!


Great photos of you four! And fun so see all of you so relaxed and candid. Good luck with the packing!


Awwwww, man, those photos are wonderful!


Beautiful pictures...beautiful family. And so exciting as you spend the weekend getting ready for more!


How wonderful to have those photos! Gin's dress is adorable and I LOVE Jun's hat! ...and all your smiles :-)

Robin F

Great pix of the family! The kids are growing up so fast! Your smiles light up my screen and make me smile back.


Those photos are so excellent! :)


What fun, happy, beautiful photos!!

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