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Answer: Earrings

Kim asked the question:

What is the jewelry that you feel naked without?

For me, it's earrings! And funny enough, I'm not wearing any today. I decided at the last minute this morning to take photos and then forgot to grab a pair!

Anyway, I was so happy to find this little jewelry pegboard at Target a couple of weeks ago when I was there with the boys to pick up a few extra shirts. The way I've stored most of my earrings for the past few years is jumbled in a pile on my nightstand. Every once in a while, Junah likes to play in there -- our bed is high, so it's fun to get on and off -- and I knew that one of these days those trinkets were going to catch his attention, so I've been looking for some sort of storage/display solution. This may also attract attention, but seems more manageable.



It's not on the wall yet, and I'm not sure that I'll hang it. I might get a big easel and prop it on my dresser (when I get it cleaned off). (There's a disaster just about any place you look at my house right now, it's just a matter of degrees.)

I'm pretty sure I could arrange these better, and there are a few more to add, plus I'd like another hook or two, but I * LOVE * seeing them all so orderly!


My new pair of earrings from Spain -- from La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona (where the newlyweds landed today to begin their honeymoon!).


My other new pair of earrings from Spain, which I've been wearing A LOT! They go so well with anything indigo, as well as black, and the wire design is different and fun.


The top two in this photo are from Rio de Janeiro, purchased at the Ipanema Hippie Fair! I don't wear them because the metal is questionable and I am very sensitive -- gold or sterling, please! The dice were for Sharon on our Las Vegas trip, and the big celtic nouveau pair next to them were hers.

Souvenir earrings & souvenir yarn are interchangeable in my book!


There's the "game day" section! What?!! You don't have game-day earrings??


And these. All made by the same artist, whose name I do not recall, purchased over a period of several years at a gallery in Door County. I stopped into that gallery last year and didn't see anything similar. The calla lily pair on the right were a part of my regular attire for a very long time, and I had a ring (by the same artist) to match. The other two pair are quite a bit heavier, so never worn quite as often.

What about you? What is the jewelry that you feel naked without?
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That's a great way to store/display your earrings - I bet you will wear different ones more frequently now. And yes, of course I have Game Day earrings!


This post is like one of my favorite treats when I was a kid. We were allowed to look through my mother's jewelry boxes (very carefully) on rainy days, and I loved it; seeing all your earrings and hearing their stories is great! I always wear earrings because my ears are triple pierced (my response to three different dares), but I always wear the same hoops. So boring -- maybe I need something fun, like game day earrings?!

Robby H.

Oh my, I used to wear the power jewelry in my grown up job and definitely felt naked without my beloved watch. I ditched all of that when I freed myself of that professional environment. The only thing I miss now is my wedding rings, and I can't wear them all the time because I volunteer in a kitchen. I have one pair of small diamond studs I wear when I dress up, but that's about it these days.


If you put a coat or two of clear nail polish on the ear wires, it'll help to keep them from bothering you. Just recoat them every so often as it wears off.


What a great display! And, I too love hearing the stories behind your earrings. My favorites are the recent ones from Spain (gorgeous!!) and the calla lily ones. so different. I wear my wedding band (can't get it off my finger -- my finger got fat - lol) and since my Dad passed away I wear his wedding band on my right hand (middle finger). I have my Mom's wedding rings, but I have fat fingers! I do wear earrings every day to work, but weekends find me with almost no jewelry on at all (and no make-up either).


Wow - that's ART - you should definitely display it on an easel! You have a beautiful collection; I love the stories and places you remember with each pair. I think I might wear a little more jewelry than most - a necklace I never take off, earrings, pearls ;-), rings, a watch and a bracelet (yikes!) but I feel naked without the necklace and the earrings.


I never can remember to wear earrings! However, this is a great way to display them and perhaps even put a pair on more frequently! I feel funny without my iWatch and the silver stacking rings.


Love how organized your earrings are and the memories they hold.
I have only a few pair of earrings I trade off wearing. They are the only jewelry I wear (save my wedding ring). Earrings are light, easy to put on, and I forget they're there. (I also like my watch.)


I definitely need some pegboard for my earrings (which are all in a clump in the top of my jewelry box). That is a GREAT way to organize and SEE your favorites! Since the election last year, I've been wearing my big, red peace sign earrings almost every single day. I change it up now and again, but tend to stick with PEACE. XO

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