Weekending: Fly
Throwback Thursday #TBT


Before leaving for the airport picnic on Saturday, I put some wool in the pot and tried to make some magic. It cooled while we were away, and then I rinsed it and hung it outside. It wasn't going to dry out there -- our days are too short now (boo) -- but it makes me happy to see the hanks hanging out there. I snapped some photos.

When I opened Google Photos the other day, I saw these photos in close proximity.


Premonition much?? Late summer fields, lakes, sky, clouds... it's all there! Maybe not quite as much green, but hey...

I dyed two hanks of laceweight and two of fingering... all sort of experimental. I have another itch this season -- this KNIT ALL THE THINGS SEASON -- to knit up some laceweight, but I haven't wound anything yet. Actually, I've had that itch for a while now and it's getting harder to ignore. Haha.



Oh those colors are GORGEOUS!!!

Robby H.

Having found two settings that match that recent dye project, it seems like it was meant to be. Hope you find the perfect project to scratch that itch.


That's pretty awesome how the yarn matches your photos from the plane. I think it means whatever you knit with those skeins will remind you of your trip up up up in the air! And I love that phrase "KNIT ALL THE THINGS SEASON"! It describes fall so perfectly!


That is completely awesome! I often see lovely photos and think "that would make great yarn" and you've done it magically and beautifully. Happy Knit All the Things Season!


Beautiful (and serendipitous) colors! Your talents just amaze me!! Yes, KNIT ALL THE THINGS SEASON is my favorite season of all! LOL


LOVELY colors! Premonition . . . Inspiration! I, too, am feeling KNIT ALL THE THINGS SEASON deep in my soul. XO


Oh my goodness! I love you're Premonition colors! It IS the season to think knitting (Knitter's Retreat is just around the corner!!!). I'm waiting to see what your itch turns out to stitch!


Soooo meant to be! And yes! I gave two sweaters going...what the heck! :-)

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