Weekending: Some Like It Hot
Right Now: September... whoosh!


I spy...


One. Tumbling. Well, it went a little better than last week! I'd say that I still got a bit more of a workout than Jün, but he definitely participated more... not on the mat with everyone else, but off to the side. More engaged, but on his terms!

We headed to my house after Tumbling and had a snack, before taking a little walk to check out all the sewer/water work being done in the neighborhood. He had a jacket along, but I thought it was high time and very appropriate to pull out the Wonderful Wallaby Hoodie that Mack had commissioned 9 years ago (!!) with the dump truck on it!


I chuckled to myself a couple of times yesterday, when I was tempted to write a tongue-in-cheek post about being CHILLY! Haha. Seriously, though, yesterday's high temp was 62°F! It was 87° on Monday, 77° on Tuesday, and 62° on Wednesday... that's a pretty quick change to get used to at this time of year!! Today it's 70° and that is My Happy Place.

There were so many things to see! There's been a lot of work on the next street over this summer, partly because it's been extended by about 50 feet. With the main work done, the replacement of individual water lines has begun, so there were diggers of all sizes and configurations, lots of "men at work," and plenty of dirt, concrete, gravel, and dump truck action. A few of the guys greeted Junah, one of them asking if he was ready to get to work! If that wasn't enough, there were two big diggers working on a huge trench in the middle of the next next street over. Junah was noticing lots of little details and, well, he was just in heaven for about a half-hour!

Just wait until they're right in front of my house!! 


Two. Also from the 9-year mark on the Wayback Machine... I had jumped and began knitting this blanket to donate for a cause that quickly became sort of mirky and weird, so I never sent it. I never used it nor gave it away to any other cause... nothing; it's just been shuffling around my work area for 9 years. It had occurred to me many times to drop it off at a shelter, but it just never happened. Then, I learned about the Welcome Blanket project, and the ultimate path was crystal clear. I washed & dried it in the machine to make sure it would hold up, which it did, so I wrote my card, boxed it up, and dropped it at the P.O. yesterday. The deadline for blanket submissions has been extended to November 4th, so check it out!


Three. Can you believe it's the end of September??

_ _ _ _ _

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Robby H.

Perfect timing on the wallaby! I'm intrigued by the Welcome Blanket program, but didn't seem to see much in the way of specifications for things like size? No time to knit a blanket, but I am a quilter on the side and I might be able to swing something that way by their date.


I love than Jun is participating in his own way, and it looks like he has really grown up a lot in the last few photos you've posted. Must be the sweater! I also love that you and the universe have been patiently biding your time for nine years to get that great blanket where it belongs. Perfect!!


How awesome is that to see Jun wearing Mack's dump truck sweater!! And the blanket, what a perfect repurposing and finishing!


This weather! It is insane! It was 92 on Wednesday and 69 on Thursday.

Gale Zucker (she shoots sheep shots)

Loved these, all three. I feel like that blanket was just waiting for its moment.


Jun has changed so much over the summer. He's thinning, looking more like a boy, totally devoid of anything baby. Love see the Wallaby and the crazy, fun blanket. How wonderful it will go to a new home and be used by someone who has a real need for warmth. Good luck with all the construction you've got going on!


This was such good timing. I hadn't heard of the Welcome Blanket program and was wishing I'd known sooner. Then in one of those slap-the-forehead moments, I realized I was knitting a blanket in a cheerful blue, yellow, and cream block pattern that was for a local charity. After a quick check of measurements (exactly 40 inches wide!), turns out it will be perfect. I should finish it next week and will get it in the mail. I knit for the locals all the time - they won't miss this one for a larger cause. Thank you for sharing the information.

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