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Unraveled Wednesday: a Forest Mystery


I finished the knitting quite a while ago, but the FO photos didn't happen until I was under the gun.



Maddy shipped out a package to Kiwi Family yesterday, including this shawl that I knit with love, gratitude & appreciation for Kiwi Mom. I will likely never see it again, so I even got the big camera out and dragged my adorned dress form all the way down to the back yard to take photos!


And what a fun knit it was, too. Party on one side, garter stitch & increases on the other, and the result is wonderful. Those undulating, fern-/leaf-like cables are just so lovely.

The yarn is beautiful, and the end result is a good sized shawl that can be worn a couple of ways -- soft, warm & cozy!

I mentioned the other day that Maddy would be returning to New Zealand! She was offered a job for next season's "vintage," and will likely go back sometime in February or so; I don't know whether she'll stay with Kiwi Family again, but no doubt she'll visit.


I finished I Will Send Rain by Rae Meadows; I listened to the audio book narrated by Emily Sutton, and rated in 4 stars.

My Goodreads review:

I Will Send RainI loved Emily Sutton-Smith's narration -- and it was best when she was in character. I am surprised to say that!! I don't usually care much for "voices," but she has the perfect timbre for both male and female characters, young or old; natural and quite believable. I almost felt that her regular reading voice was too perfect and precise.

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I'm not sure what to listen to next!

Joining Kat & friends this week for Unraveled Wednesday!



That shawl is stunning and the photo shoot was worth the effort. I bet Kiwi Mom is going to LOVE it!


I second the appreciation for getting all the equipment out for great photos of that gorgeous shawl! I think it's one of the best yarn/pattern matches I've seen, and Kiwi Mom will be thrilled!


I am having Kiwi Mom envy... that shawl is gorgeous! And, thank you for the wonderful review of I Will Send Rain! I will look for an audio copy! I love a good narrator!

Robby H.

Loved this shawl in IG, even more lovely on my huge monitor. What a great gift.


Wow, that green is so distinct and lovely. Lucky recipient.


Oh my I'm heading to Ravelry to fav this pattern! Your choice of color really enhances the pattern. Love the green!


It's beautiful and a lovely gift for someone who took good care of your daughter.


Oh, Vicki! That is just lovely! What a perfect gift for Kiwi Mom! She's going to love it. XO


Oh, what a wonderful gift for Kiwi Mom! The shawl turned out beyond gorgeous. So lovely. Thanks for the review of I Will Send Rain...now in queue in Overdrive!


Kiwi Mom is one lucky lady! I love that you took the shawl outside to photograph too. You will now be able to remember her extra fondly!

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