Three Things Today
Weekending: Pure Michigan


Eight years ago!!


We just had Knit Night here last night. I'd hoped that the remodel/update would be complete, but it hasn't even started yet! Contractor fell off a ladder just before it was scheduled to begin and has a new titanium elbow to show for it... indestructible now! No firm date yet, but it'll hopefully happen in the next month or so. Sheesh.

Anyway, today's the anniversary: Ali's owned this little gem for EIGHT YEARS already!


Jün wanted to do some watering the other day... and I ran inside to grab an actual camera! I need to do this more often. I love my phone for ease & portability, and the picture quality is pretty amazing, but this...

Have a great weekend, everyone!



Happy Anniversary and Congratulations to Ali! She's clearly doing things right to grow and thrive in eight years, and I wish her lots of success, fulfillment, and happiness in K C & T's future! You have an adorable helper and I wish you a wonderful weekend!

Robby H.

The food service industry has a pretty low success rate. Obviously, Ali is working to bring up that number. Congrats to her.

Dang, I never even knew a titanium elbow was an option, does it come with a tennis racket?!


I can't believe it's been 8 years! Wow! Congrats to Ali on creating a wonderful space! You're so right about the big camera, I can't wait to use mine to take photos of Jackie.


Congrats to Ali-I can't believe it's been 8 years. Jun is looking more grown up and your pix are fabulous. Thanks again for sharing.




Eight years - wow, time flies - Congratulations to Ali!! and YES to the big camera ... and to great action shots of Jün (talk about time!)


Add me to the can't-believe-it's-been-8-years camp!!! And those photos!!!! Oh, my. Jün is just the sweetest little boy. My heart melts. . .


How can it be 8 years?! Something about her shop has long attracted me and I has long been my dream to have coffee with you in her little shop. Maybe someday! Congratulations, Ali! heart melts every time.

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