Three Numerous Things on Thursday
Hamilton rising

Well, the weekend...

Was full of color! I love the golden glow right now; the leaves are falling fast, though.


I played around with some yarn & color on Saturday morning while I watched the Rhinebeck parade on social media...

And gave my Arrows a soak (more on that -- an FO -- very soon)!


There was also a little sunshine in the form of a finished MDK Log Cabin Warshrag, which I finally finished on Sunday; #1 from the Field Guide, with an extra 6 rows all the way around. It measures about 9.5 x 10".


There was some interesting mail. Pieces have begun arriving from around the globe (this one from Germany) for a new show that Kate's putting together.


On his way home from a week-long teaching gig in Door County, Rusty found an old envelope in an abandoned house... I loved the stamp & postmark. They don't make 'em like they used to.

And family. That kitty is pretty wary of the kids, but Grandpa helps keep everyone calm.


Gin had her first haircut recently -- sort of a "bob" -- and it's just adorable!!

How was your weekend? I hope it was good!!



Wow, Vicki - so much color and such good times. I love that tree with the bold colors of your house and that blue sky! Yarn, of course (I too, enjoyed Rhinebeck vicariously) ... and little Gin. Her haircut is adorable - and I LOVE her outfit! Gotta start 'em young!!


That Arrows photo is such a tease -- does it have an I-cord border or no? Can't wait to see the full reveal!


That golden tree is beautiful! Our leaves were falling fast yesterday but the weather has been wonderfully mild.


Gorgeous color everywhere in this post! And, I LOVE your dyed yarn! Beautiful!

Robin F

What a wonderful weekend-color, surprises, family and fun. Gin's haircut is so cute. Thanks for all the great pix. I miss the fall colors now that I live in FL.


So much WONDERFUL color!!! (Gin's haircut. SWOON.) I stil haven't blocked my Arrows . . . it's just sitting there. Staring at me. XO


Our autumns look alike, as we have golden leaves everywhere! But, this year we have the added bonus of nice weather and even more vibrant color everywhere. I know what the stamp signifies! It's Brigham Young standing outside his wagon saying "This is the place."! It's one of our best known myths. Gin's hair is thick and beautiful all ready! Love the new do. (AND Arrows! It looks grand!)

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