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This how my worktable looked at the beginning of Friday:


Fairly neat and orderly.


My project kit was the last to arrive, partly because I chose an obscure paint color for my stencil, but mostly because the Production Team at Alabama Chanin made sure it was perfect before presenting it to me; in particular, Corey, who mixed the paint and did the stenciling, worked the most amazing magic!

Inspiration is everywhere at Alabama Chanin, from the iconic sign...


...to the bathroom decor.


By the end of the day, my worktable looked like this (the neatened up version):


I am working out a few things on a swatch that is in my actual pattern & colors.

Tomorrow is another day -- sadly, the last workshop day! The time is flying by and we are having a wonderful time!


Robin F

I'm curious to see the outcome of this workshop. I'm glad you are having fun and having your creativity stimulated.


Your worktable looks like a happy, creative space with unique pattern and lovely new sewing tools. This looks like a dream come true. xo


I think your choice is incredibly beautiful, and worth waiting for! I am so looking forward to your process and product.


It all looks amazing! I am so excited to be along for the creative ride - thank you!


I love the colors! And, I can't wait to see what you do with it!


It is so fun to live this workshop vicariously through you!

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