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I was taking photos of Freak Flags yesterday when I heard the geese and looked up...


...all (almost) TWO of them!


I am loving the textures!

The bucket o' yarn that I used for knitting Arrows was still handy, so I'm pulling from that (stash-busting!). I used my Embellish-Knit machine to make the I-cord tie, which worked out great. (That's one of the best investments ever... I also made a handy I-cord string for a pair of Jün's mittens.)


After a few hours of more-exciting-than-expected football knitting last night, I finished the second flag... and the third, and the fourth, and have begun the fifth! Potato chip knitting at its finest!!

Freak Flags is one of the patterns by Cecelia Campochiaro in Mason Dixon Field Guide No. 5: Sequences -- all of the patterns are on my short list! So interesting. There are still a few copies of Sequences (and more!) available, now 15% off & $5 flat shipping -- email me at



Let your freak flag fly, sister!


I LOVE your freak flags! I want to try some for myself. . . and I happen to have one of those i-cord tools somewhere, too. (I love potato chips. . . )


Freak out! (Sorry :-)) I think this is the best - can't wait to see them flying.


How cool that freak flags are a real thing! My next-door neighbors are selling their house, and I happened to be carrying my bow and arrows into the house while about ten potential buyers were standing in the back yard. Several of them looked a little concerned, but I bet I could really make them wonder if I started flying freak flags. This sounds like a perfect after-Christmas project!


Freaky Flags are awesome! And, I am with Bonny! Freak Flags might be the perfect after Christmas project!


So - I have to say, the flags were the ONLY pattern in that latest collection that I didn't add to my list ...but now that I've seen yours, maybe I moved on too soon! (emailing you now about the book)


You make knitting the little flags fun AND using a machine made i-cord is a brilliant idea!


I bought an i-cord maker a while back, too -- handy little thing (once I get it started -- it is not flawless by any means).


Hah! I just followed your Embellish link. I have the same one as you :-)

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