Right Now: Marching in
3TT: Fun times

Random 10 on Tuesday: Takin' a trip!

1 -- Saturday morning, a text from Kate:

This is super spontaneous but do you have any interest/ability to go to NY(C) this next weekend? Fri-Mon. I’m just hoping to see a ton of art fairs and eat some good food. haha

2 -- There is almost nothing I love more than a spontaneous trip -- near or far! It doesn't always work out that I can be this spontaneous, with less than a week to departure -- previous commitments, getting time off at work, prohibitive cost are the usual culprits -- but this time, it worked out wonderfully! Yahoo!!

3 -- NYC?? I've flown in/thru/out once or twice in recent years, but it's been almost 10 years since I actually set foot on a New York City street. I'm so excited! I think I was a New Yorker in a previous life... or I'm gathering steam and will be in another.

3 -- Saturday evening: airfare confirmation (at a great price)!

4 -- Sunday afternoon: hotel booked.


5 -- Monday: Tripit itinerary filled in.

6 -- The Armory Show, Volta NY, Spring/Break, and the Whitney Museum of American Art are on the short list.

7 -- The High Line, Central Park, and MoMA are on the longer list.

8 -- Also a visit to Purl Soho (on my list, anyway), and within walking distance from our hotel! And bagels.

9 -- We're going to hit the ground running on Friday afternoon and GO-GO-GO until, exhausted, we board the plane for home on Monday afternoon.

10 -- NYC, here we come!! (All suggestions are welcome!)

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Robby H.

Hope you have as much fun as you can take!


I have only one suggestion that I think is a must do: The Tenement Museum! I'd also recommend Katz's Deli, it's just a couple of blocks from the museum.


LUCKY! Sounds like a wonderful trip! I'm looking forward to seeing it all through your eyes! If you see Cara give her a big hug from me!


Nice! Safe travels and enjoy! I've been to Purl Soho (and surprised at how small it is!!). There's a button shop somewhere - or trims or something. Will try to get that info to you...also a bookstore that is different and supposed to be very good. off to look for those.


OK - the one store I was thinking of was Tinsel Trading Co. which has relocated to Berkeley, CA!! The bookstore is Bonnie Slotnick's cookbooks: www.bonnieslotnickcookbooks.com - looks like it could be fun!!


What FUN!!!!!!! Y'all will have a FINE adventure.


ooohhh, color me GREEN :-) Sounds like this trip was meant to be - I know y'all will have a ball!


How fun! I Am hoping to get to nyc this year to visit my sister


How fun! I took a peek at what's at the Guggenheim... and YES, I hope it is on your list! XO

Robin F

Try Gazala's Place, 709 9th Ave, New York, NY 10019 b/t 48th St & 49th St (212) 245-0709 (Mediterranean)
or Big Wong's 67 Mott St, New York, NY 10013, b/t Canal St & Bayard St, Great Chinese
If you need more info pm me.

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