3TT: More Prep
Weekending: All Kids, (almost) All The Time!

Found 'em!

When I posted about Mother's Day last month, I referenced a photo of my sibs & I holding my mother in a manner that my girls were attempting with me. I couldn't find them then, but I just ran across them now...


It was Mother's Day 2006.

Even better, I found a MOVIE!!

I love all the jokes and laughing! And the paparazzi!!

Four years. I miss you, Mom. xoxo


Robby H.

Those pictures show a family life well lived. The joy of life and being together passed to the next generation, needed that more current photo too.


Those photos are true treasures! I'm so glad you found them and shared them.


Those photos - and a MOVIE!!! - are awesome!! Imagine Ali re-creating that photo in another 15 years or so :-)

Robin F

I love your family photos- they brighten my day. My mom has been gone now for 7 years and I miss her everyday.


The movie!! So fun and I'm very happy you found the pictures with the added bonus of the fun movie! Love you, Vicki! xo

Ruinwen Silverdragon

A family is the greatest treasure. I am happy you found the pictures so you could relive those happy moments. :D


A movie! Oh man! It is brilliant! Thank you for sharing!


Those kids! That movie! What a fun post. I love that you are all so close (geographically AND otherwise). how did Malina get to be 3 months old? I thought she was just born the other week. Geeze.....(commenting on the other post as well....obviously...)

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