Nancy & Cecil
Nancy -- finis!

A different crowd...

Okay, it's been so many years since I've been to a concert such as this that I can't even remember who I may have seen or when/where it may have been! I do know that there was a lot more skin and fewer gray hairs in the audience, and there was a little more room for gettin' down since we were all a little less round! It didn't matter much -- ROD STEWART ROCKS! Old guy or not (I can't believe he's 59!), he puts on a great show that didn't disappoint. Looks great, moves great, sings great. Lots of great old songs and a few new ones. It was well past bedtime by the time we got home, but a good time was had by all. It was worth it! It's also the first "rock concert" I've ever attended with my mom!

The new venue in Green Bay, The Resch Center, has been attracting some great performers -- Elton John, Cher, John Mayer (K&A went to that one), Fleetwood Mac and Aerosmith to name a few -- so perhaps I'll still be able to remember the Rod Stewart concert when I attend my next one! My kids are so lucky -- when I was their age I had to travel at least to Milwaukee (and more likely Chicago) to see anyone great. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I had to walk uphill to school both ways, too. Ha.

I did manage to finish picking up stitches around Nancy's neck and do the required rows when I got home from work last night. On deck tonight: finish Nancy (bind off, make a button loop, sew on a button, and finish weaving in ends) and start finishing Cecil (sew in sleeves, side seams, buttons, and more weaving in). I really don't know if they're the perfect match, to be honest. I'd originally envisioned a more denim cardi for Nancy, and Cecil is definitely navy and might be overpowering, but I'll pair them up and give 'em a whirl or two before I decide whether they're truly meant for each other or need to seek new partners.

Am I fishing for a reason to buy some denim yarn???


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