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Jeff, one of the guys at work, brought in a picture of his baby yesterday. The baby's not due until August!! He had accompanied his wife to the doctor yesterday and she'd had her first ultrasound. I couldn't believe it! A 4x6 color photo of his baby -- I could see his/her (they know, but they're not tellin') little face so clearly! In three pregnancies, I had only one ultrasound and that was because -- for a minute or two -- the doc thought there might be twins. I certainly didn't get a picture (it would have been more like a b&w print-out) and, in fact, it wasn't all that easy to even make out the baby on the monitor. I think Jeff's ready to start handing out cigars!

The family was doing the Earth Day thing when I got home from work yesterday. They filled four bags with garbage, some of it so disgusting that they couldn't even talk about it! The pup got into something, and Maddy had her in the tub lickety split!

My mom called last night to let me know that CBS News was airing a story about the dangers of cheerleading. It just so happens that we had a cheerleader meeting at Ali's school last night -- she will only be cheering for football season next year (at this point, anyway). The story featured a young college student from California who had broken her back and was paralyzed because of a stunt gone wrong; the second person paralyzed because of a cheerleading accident this year. Ali was on the cheer team as a sophomore and did the whole 9 yards -- football, basketball and wrestling, plus competitions. Yikes, even in Podunk, there's a lot of tossing and reasons to grimace when watching high school cheerleading competition! Thankfully, our cheer team is a non-stunting team -- a lift is about as daring as they get. The girls would like to do stunts (we're usually the only team in the non-stunting division), but, thankfully, common sense and caution prevail.

I finished the first patterned section of the Summer Sonata sweater last night, did the dividing eyelet row, and am about four rows into the second section. My wrist/arm really didn't give me much trouble. This next section is a shifting k4, p4 that makes a diagonal pattern. I like it more and more!

What a hoot! Here are some of my googlisms. There were a ton more, but these caught my eye. Indulge me...

vicki is strictly prohibited
vicki is best known for her portrayal as the sexy french [...]
vicki is not affiliated nor represented by 900 psychic lines...
vicki is way in the back
vicki is new to northern angels although she does have experience as an escort...
vicki is the best
vicki is an incredibly cute victim
vicki is that
vicki is also interested in ways to allow different people to access different levels of access to a database
vicki is running out of time and leads
vicki is the best money I ever spent
vicki is a fifteen
vicki is loyal but emotionally emaciated by jake's merciless scrutiny of her every move
vicki is the woman for you
vicki is a haggen
vicki is very modest in chest size
vicki is currently working on her masters degree in midwifery
vicki is a fast study and quite tenacious
vicki is a serial entrepreneur
vicki is available for custom photo shoots and videos
vicki is a "sugar glider"
vicki is responsible for day
vicki is


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