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The jury's in!


We took A to visit the Army Recruiter on Monday night -- she's a junior and is exploring her options. Yay for her, but it's too bad the Army doesn't have a need for interior designers... Anyway, we stopped at Home Depot on the way home and I bought some brass rods with the smallest diameter I could find so that I could weave them up the straight sides on sleeves and other knitted pieces to aid in blocking -- less pinning! I blocked the sleeves of the Cecil sweater last night and it seemed to work well. The jury's still out 'til I take out all the pins tonight and see how they look.

I was able to do a little more knitting on the back last night. I've finished the whole eyelet/rib shift part and am close to armhole shaping. It won't be long now!

I just found out that I'll get Friday afternoon off (paid -- woo hoo). If all goes as planned, taxes will be finished, Cecil will be nearing completion, and my Calmer will be here so I can get started swatching and all for Audrey. And maybe I'll have time to post some pictures!



those rods are a great idea! -- I am always on the look out for things at Home Depot that can be used for knitting. Will you use those rods before or after you seam the sweater?


I took some pics last night of the sleeves with the rods on my "blocking board" and I'll try to post them tonight or tomorrow. I inserted the rods into the sides of the damp sleeves before pinning them down on the board, then just needed to pin at the bottom and top of the sleeves. I'm on the lookout for something thinner, but still sturdy, because I don't think these will work so well on a finer knit garment. Another trip to Home Depot in my future...

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