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Calmer in Laurel

I had to order the Calmer for Audrey today at my LYS; she said that "Rowan is good" and it usually takes about 8 days. I've had to order yarn from her a couple of other times and have discovered that it's best if I call to check on the order, rather than waiting for her to call me. Things tend to get lost in the back room. My mom was with me and she hadn't been there in years (I think she'd taken a class there long ago). She's amazed at all the new and different fibers and configurations there are since she last put down her needles.

Oh yeah, I finally settled on Laurel for the color. If I were knitting it just for me, I would have chosen Amour, but the other two who may wear this sweater are flaming redheads, and Amour just won't work for them. Laurel is a very soft green and I know my girls like it.

I was actually out on a toot with my mom for all of the morning and half the afternoon. We started the day off by going to a local antique show and sale. My birthday is more than half a year away, and Christmas is even further than that, but my mother now has gifts for both occasions, as well as the birthday gift for one of my sisters. What fun! We ran into a fair number of people we knew and had fun chatting and looking -- there's such a difference in merchandise at a show compared to a shop.

From there we went to my LYS, and that was fun. And then, my mom took me to a new shop that's opened right in my very own town without my knowledge -- and they have knitting supplies!! It has opened very, very recently and they're still stocking, but have a pretty nice selection of needles and notions, and carry some Patons, Lion Brand, and Maggie Knits yarn. Ooooh, I like the Maggie Knits linen -- and the colors! I'll definitely be visiting there again.

There was a package from Elann last night when I got home -- the navy blue Schoeller Stahl Cecil that I'd ordered. I played around with that for a while; it took a little while to get comfortable with it. Prom dress update: A just walked in from a little shopping trip with a pretty little dress (black and light pink) that cost $139 and it came with free shoes. She's happy, I'm happy; let's dance!


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