Senior photos!


...Easter's on it's way! My sister and her three kids will be rolling in later this afternoon. It's been ages (Christmas?) since we've been able to get together, so I'm looking forward to it. She always brings a project along -- a quilt she's been working on for YEARS, card-making materials (she never buys cards), photos to organize, kids' journals to update (yeah, she's one of those -- her eldest will be 17 in July and she STILL keeps a journal for her) -- she's always doing something! We'll entertain (and be entertained by) the kids, find time for our respective projects, have brunch at Mom's on Sunday, and then they'll head out on Sunday afternoon. Her kids have school on Monday, making up a snow day (she lives 4 hours north of me and they had quite a few snow days this year).

Blogging may take a back seat for a few days. Not only will we have company over the weekend, but my husband and I will be taking a little road trip on Monday -- don't even know where yet, but I get to choose. I should really be staying home that day to finish up taxes (I'm bad), but, as I suspected, the kids have something up their sleeves and my leaving the house that day is part of the plan. I have a hunch...

I did not frog the back of my Cecil sweater last night -- it's OK! What I'm not real happy with are my stitches on either side of the ribbing. It's a pattern that starts out in a 13-2 rib (which looks fine) and then, over the course of an 8-row eyelet/increase/decrease sequence, it's shifted to a 7-9 rib. It's right around the time that the eyelets begin that my knit stitches to the left of the purl stitches become flabby, and those to the right of the purls are almost a bit too tight. I can kind of manhandle the loose ones so they look better, but looking at Audrey and all that ribbing, I'm going to have to figure out what I'm doing and how to fix it.

K arrived home early yesterday afternoon (she had a great time in Florida). It was so nice to drive my own car today! Pics soon.


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