There's a back...

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

Wow, the weatherman wasn't foolin'! If it weren't so breezy, it would be HOT!

Mom had a lot of plastic containers to take to the nursery. No one was around, so we just left 'em; that also meant that we didn't have an opportunity to buy any plants that we really don't need! I guess we'd expected to spend a little more time there -- 10:30 seemed a little early for lunch, so we needed to kill some time. A former co-worker at the antique mall was with us, and we decided to drive up the road a little further and visit another of our former co-workers who now runs a deli/ice cream shop and also sells antiques! A good time was had by all, and the money that would have been spent on unneeded plants was spent on largely unneeded antiques, instead!

I'm closing in on the back of Summer Sonnet -- only about 15-20 rows to the shoulders. Yay!!

The wind seems to have died down some. It sounds like we won't have another day even close to being this nice for at least a week, so I'd better go enjoy it some more!


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