Banana Cream Soup


Sometimes I can knit and talk at the same time, and sometimes NOT. I was trying to do it on Saturday night, and found mistakes a few times -- easy enough to fix, but geez. I was nearly finished with the back of the Cecil sweater last night and decided that I just wasn't happy. Besides the flabby stitches that bothered me a few days ago, there were some other problems with uneven tension and rows that looked funny. R-I-P. I started again and had a few rows done, but I was still not happy with it and ripped them out, too. What is my problem???

It was nice having company, though, so I'm not going to cry over some balls of yarn! My sister brought two quilt blocks along, but never pulled them out. We did a little bit of shopping with Mom on Saturday afternoon, played games with the kids, and worked on Easter treasure hunt clues.

When we were 10-12, there was an Easter that we spent at our grandparents' house with two of our cousins. I don't know exactly whose idea it was, but the grown-ups decided to turn it into a treasure hunt; we each had four or five clues to find and riddles to solve in order to find our Easter baskets. It was a blast! I don't remember my last clue exactly, but it had to do with music (I spent a lot of time in the music room then) -- and my basket was hidden in the big stereo cabinet that my dad had built for my grandma. The gift was a 45 of Don McLean's "American Pie." My Grandma told me that she had no idea what was popular, and just bought the #1 record at Woolworth's. My sister and I have done this Easter treasure hunt for our own kids a few times over the years, and it's always great fun.

I was surprised to see the order from elann (placed on Wednesday) on my doorstep on Saturday! I snapped a pic of it and the sweater that I intend to make with it -- it's over there in the "Looking Ahead" photo album. Audrey is definitely the priority, though, once I get the yarn in my hands...

I'm staying home and finishing up the taxes today after all. I guess the grrs decided that they weren't as prepared for whatever it was they were going to do, so it's all on hold. Okay, so I should finish up this blogging and get to work, huh? Ugh.



I was amazed by the speed of my order from Elann too. I love the color of your new yarn. And the pattern is lovely. Easter sounds like it was fun.


Thanks! That was only my second order from Elann and I have to say, I'm a pleased customer! That "burnished apricot" is a different color for me, but I think I'm going to like it (someone called me "Neutral Girl" once) and I think it will show the pattern well. Easter was fun -- and challenging -- making up clues for kids from 7 to 19 and finding hiding spots for 6 baskets!

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