With a little bit of sun...

Senior photos!

I just got back from A's senior photo shoot. Part of the whole prom dress frenzy was that she wanted to wear her dress for a few shots. It was fun, especially because I wasn't able to go with K when she had her photos taken.

It's incredible! I graduated from a very small school (36 kids in the senior class) and we all took a day off of school to drive 60 miles to have our pictures taken. I sat on a stool, he took a few shots, then he hollered, "Next!" Well, that's what it seemed like, anyway. A's photographer just built a new studio -- we hung out in two big rooms and there was a different setting every 8 feet or so with props all over (even hanging from the ceiling). I was invited to look through the camera to see how he'd framed some shots -- she's so pretty!!! It's going to be hard to choose. We'll look at proofs on the 28th.

I did a little unexpected online shopping yesterday. I ordered some Endless Summer Sonata in "burnished apricot" from elann to knit one of the tops in the little Patons book that I got on sale last week. In reality, I won't get started on that 'til after Audrey, but I'll be ready... (I'm that way about reading, too; I like to have one or two books stacked beneath the one I'm currently reading.) I also ordered a copy of Vogue Knitting Quick Reference for one of my sisters (for Christmas!). I may pick up The Ultimate Knitting Guide for her, also, as she lent her old VK reference book to someone and doesn't think it will ever come back. And, I ordered some bamboo needles -- for her or for myself. There's plenty of time to decide!

I finished the second half the cardi I'm knitting with Cecil last night, and started the back. I have the same feeling about the back that I did when I started the second front the other day -- too tight! I put it down and decided that I wouldn't make any decisions about it until today. I couldn't really look at it objectively last night. I'll have plenty of Cecil to finish the sweater, and that's always a good feeling!

K called last night from somewhere in Georgia and they were on their way home. I think they'll be driving right through, so I expect her sometime tonight. It will be great to have her back and she's looking forward to sleeping in her own bed! And, I'll have my car and camera back!


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