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Nancy & Cecil

That was different!

What a gorgeous day yesterday! I was thrilled to be able to hang laundry outside. We had a thunderstorm roll through in the wee hours, and it's not so nice this morning.

While folding some of said laundry, I caught a few minutes of "Clean Sweep" on TV. My sister's always talking about clean sweeping this and clean sweeping that. It's a great idea and oh, how I'd love to do it. It's a bit overwhelming, but I tell myself to start small. I managed to clean off one of the five shelves that were put up in the laundry room! Their original intention was to hold clean, folded, ready-to-put-away laundry (one shelf for each family member); they soon became catch-alls, like almost every other horizontal surface around here!

I accomplished a few things in the homekeeping department yesterday, and then settled down with the Cecil sweater and a movie last night. Husband, K and I watched "Life As A House" -- I love Kevin Kline, and I liked the movie.

The bands on that sweater were different from any I'd ever done, especially the buttonhole side. I was instructed to pick up 2 sts, *yo twice, pick up 8 sts, repeat from * 4 times, yo twice, pick up one more. The next row was knit, with two stitches knit into each yo. Interesting, and I think I like it! I stayed up late and picked up all the stitches around the neck -- I'm supposed to have 95, and I know I have many, many more than that, but saved the counting and figuring of decreases for today. I'd like to roll that up in some damp towels today so I can pin it down tomorrow.

I spotted my transplanted, hardy Asian lilies poking through yesterday. I bought a small pot quite a few years ago and just plunked it into a crock on the front porch. That fall, it ended up by the back porch and was soon surrounded and covered by much snow and ice. I was absolutely amazed to see that lily start to grow again in the spring! When they say "hardy," I guess that's what they mean! That little thing has multiplied quite a bit since then, enough that I was able to move some to another spot last year.


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